Launcher issue

Soul Shriven
There was an update that I started a couple days ago (June 24). The first night, I paused the download, closed my launcher and went to sleep. I repeated the process yesterday (June 25).

Today, June 26, I attempted to continue the update. However, after double-clicking on my Launcher icon, nothing would show up. Funny enough, under the Windows Task Manager's Process tab (I'm running on Windows 7) shows that it is running, but it just disappears after 10 seconds or so.

I can run the game by going to:

C:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls Online\Game\Client\eso

But there is no audio at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Baddadd
    Soul Shriven
    Wish I could help, but I am having a serious launcher problem myself. Launcher keeps locking up on saying either Loading or MyLibrary loading. game ran fine last night but not this morning. rebooted twice and still having problems.
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