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VR dungeon difficulty and proposal

I just want to share my experience and some idea to see what poeple would think of it. Friday I attempt my first VR dungeon: banished cell as i read that it was the easier one. I got in thinking that I probably won t finished it.I usually tank but for this one i was DD cause someone else could tank and as a first it s less pressure .

The dungeon was clear in 40 mn with à few wipe . So I think that this one was not hard at all. Since they give a good amount of VP I get in a good second time but as a tank.Same thing,really smooth ! Except a few mistake of my own (oups one shot really should have block that!).Was really happy ,the second group even wanna do spindle ,sadly i had no time left . I say sadly cause I m pretty sure this group succeed in it.Since then I attempt banished cell 4 time and all where miserable fail ....

Curiously in the first succeeding attempt everybody was between Vr1 and vr3 and I see a lot more Vr5-6 who had no idea of what they were doing in the failing one...(weird ...may be the anomaly grind ).So of course I cannot talk of the other dungeon for now (will do BC until having a friend list composed with poeple I will have had smooth run with ). But from my point of view as in many mmo the problem is not the game(it may be but this topic is not about what is going wrong ie stamina build) but player who have no idea of how they can adapt their built to the situation.This is a problem for everybody.

Those that know how to handle their character fear those kind of player sometime making wrong assumption (guy who leave the group because he see Vr1 or maybe because I tagged tank and DD ,can understand that since some DD/ healer that I saw should not have add healer...) and other will end, if picked , being kicked or having argument in the instance . And I have an idea since quite a long time before to avoid that. And it totally could fit in ESO .

Tutorial in the undaunted. I mean before being able to tag for a dungeon you should pass a series of test.One could be a pure dps check( why entering in if you know that you are not ready ?) Other could just ask to control mob for a specific duration then control+DPS check in the same time.And also resistance check( use of mitigation skill) also interrupting training will be a good idea.Like that anyone who would tag for a dungeon will have at least the theorical skill as an individual to succeed.And that learning would not cost soul gem ,repair bill and time of others ....

PS: sorry for the mistakes (not native) I try to improve myself but it is not easy.
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  • nudel
    I like the idea of a tutorial teaching basic mechanics like you say, provided it was optional. Have an Undaunted (since they're dungeon based) or Fighters Guild (since they're not useless drunken louts) lead you to a sparring courtyard and run you through some maneuvers.

    In absence of any form of dueling, I'd be all for an outright testing dummy as well where you can try out skills and get a feel for their damage, range, cast time, synergy with other skills, etc.

    I do not however like the idea of outright dps checks. That's only going to scare off all but the most l33t hardcore gamers.
  • schroed360
    nudel wrote: »
    I like the idea of a tutorial teaching basic mechanics like you say, provided it was optional.

    I do not however like the idea of outright dps checks. That's only going to scare off all but the most l33t hardcore gamers.

    I understand your point of being "optional". On this point I agree to disagree because this was intended as an obligation.I mean before it sound that quite a few solo main quest or fighter or mage guild quest were hard and teach you usefull thing about your character now that all these have been nerf you can reach V1 without having a lot of skill( by this I mean a variety of different skill available AND player skill(actually figuring which one to pick depending on situation)).I meant that you should pass them in order to be able to queue in a dungeon then other test for next dungeon etc.After we can imagine a rank system 3 medals. The lower one will mean you are able to go but if everybody is like you it will be hard. My concern is that in dungeon all those "skill" aren't optional except if some poeple are really good and carry others. You can't overgear here. In my failing attempt I hear from a V6 player "why is it that hard I'm V6". This guy NEED to learn.It is not an option.And I don't want to be rude but it would have been cool for me that the game teach the basic to that guy.It would have save me a lot of writing in the instance.

    For the second part "rought dps check". I agree with you but again they are in dungeon.Best exemple the "gargoyle" in spindle,but aoeing wave of add quickly or being overwhelm and die also is a dps(+control) check.

    So if those tutorial were optional most will skip it,not learn and improve and the situation will stay the same...

    Anyway thank you for your answer.
  • Elloa
    I find this a very good idea actually. It should be enforced to use the Dungeon Finder Tool, but not to enter in the instance with a group. So it could be optional: either you pass the Undaunted test, or you finish the quest by entering the Dungeon with a pre-made group.
    This would avoid the terrible PUG to pleague the Finder.

    The Secret World have implemented something like that to allow players to attempt Nightmare Dungeons. There was a different test by role.
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