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Craglorn leveling at low VR levels?

Can I go to Craglorn and level effectively in a group at VR1? Are there any XP penalties if the other group members are all VR10+? Are there XP penalties for killing VR11/12 mobs when you're at VR1?
  • fromtesonlineb16_ESO
    Since ZOS destroyed Anomalies as a viable means of getting VP you'll find it a lot harder to get in groups doing the daily grind. Now it's all about 'speedruns' in the Trials for rewards for doing it in the shortest time, VR12s aren't going to take a VR1 along as they won't pull their weight in the DPS stakes.
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  • Azarul
    No XP penalties also.
  • rylixav
    Now it's all about 'speedruns' in the Trials for rewards for doing it in the shortest time, VR12s aren't going to take a VR1 along as they won't pull their weight in the DPS stakes.

    So are there any remaining ways to level quickly where a group would take a VR1 along? I see burial groups occasionally. Is that a good option than anomalies in their current state?
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  • Azarul
    There are still grind groups of Anoms and Burials. This is still the fastest way to level veteran. They shouldn't argue with you being V1
  • Kayira
    Anomalies shouldn't be a problem neither should burial be. However don't try hircine or bala before vet 8-9 they won't take you with you. You could also go for the 3 boss grind if you want to.
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  • Seroczynski
    I've been doing both boss grind as anomalies and still think anomalies is the fastest way. I've been getting around 1% VP each kill during VR1, 2 and 3.
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  • Vexian
    Burials is the fastest way to level. Anomalies exp is horrible in comparison. Burials is 5 bosses killed in about 6.5-7 mins and very little trash to slow you down
  • ChopGateDon1
    Ive been trying to find some figures on how much XP per hour people get for anomalies, burial sites, hircines etc but cant seem to find this info anywhere. Ive only tried the anomalies so far but my figures are below;

    Vet 2 - 8.8k per anomaly - 220 to 240k per hour
    Vet 3 - 22.8k per anomaly - 570 to 590k per hour

    (the few ads that are kicking around the anomalies probs give another 1k per site)

    I assume that like the jump in xp from vet 2 to 3, there may be more increments the higher lvl u get (someone may be able to confirm if tis is correct or not)
  • Kcttocs
    I don't have the numbers, but I finally succumbed to grind in craglorn at VR9 specifically the burials. I was averaging a level every 30-45 minutes. Its fast pace action and folks don't slow down. Learn the route they take, because when you go off track and pull a bunch of mobs, it pisses everyone off. If you go there at VR1, be prepared to die quite often. I'd recommend grabbing a resto and find a safe place to heal the group. Have a bunch of soul gems too so you don't have to run back from the way shrine.
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