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Official Discussion Thread for "Guild Spotlight - The Old Timers Guild"

  • DCGoth_OTG
    DCGoth_OTG wrote: »
    Makes no sense. Why have people from all factions in your guild? the fact that it is even possible blows my mind. obviously not a pvp guild

    Actually the scary part is that they ARE PvP guild... check Alliance War forums.

    With the number of members we have had since early beta and beyond, we do our best to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

    In short, we try to accomodate our entire member base, while doing our best to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the group.

    I don't understand "events". The campaign (at moment) is a 90-day "event". By attemping to "play all sides" of a campaign your guild destroys the very effort of PvP or "Why do we fight?" in the first place.

    Cyrodiil PvP is supposed to be faction vs faction with server loyality on each. If you have guild members trying to kill each other IDK how that is even possible.

    In response to this, you are incorrect in how we approach PvP. It is known and well discussed that large guilds have the ability to gsin unfair advantages in campaigns. We make every effort to ensure that we do not do this.

    Within our three alliances our guild designates a Home campaign for each alliance. Cross-alliance PvP is not permitted by our members; therefore, we should never be in a position to be accused of 'keep swapping' or point manipulaution.

    We hold the guild and our members as a valued group. Members who represent OTG do not disparage the name and reputaion of the guild through any manner of collusion or exploits of game mechanics.
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