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Health Bar Bug

Soul Shriven
Virtually every time I enter combat, my health bar gets "stuck" at a certain number and won't regenerate past it. Further, combat itself has become strangely unresponsive. I won't see animations for abilities when I press buttons. Then a few seconds later, the mob just falls over and dies all at once. I've tried disabling every add-on, turning down all graphics settings, etc. These were never problems before the last patch, but now they happen so frequently as to make the game unplayable. I've looked around for solutions to no avail, although it appears that many other people suffer from these bugs. As a devoted VR 10, I have been very happy with the game thus far, but I've found these most recents bugs and the lack of response to bug reports extremely discouraging. Please offer me some type of solution- I am a committed member of raiding guilds, among other things, and even a few days of being unable to play has become extremely frustrating.
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