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Red Wheat farming zone

Anybody know a good zone to farm Red Wheat? I'm Aldmeri Dominion VR12, with Daggerfall Covenant as last alliance
May knowledge guide you to enlightenment
  • Allyhoo811
    I seemed to find a lot of red wheat in the crates and barrels in Malabal Tor (regular level - not veteran).
  • Qyrk
    I found heaps in any crates/barrels/trunks/wardrobes/dressers from any zone. There's not really a specific location where you farm these, just that they are subject to RNG.
  • nudel
    Produce containers generally have a higher chance I've found. I still do find them in barrels, sacks, and crates all over the place. Still, if you're strapped for time, run through the produce containers in an inn or at a grocer's cart. Most major cities have both of these available.

    As Qyrk already said, there is no zone where they drop more frequently.
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