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Cyrodil - Solo Dungeons

I'm quite frequently trying to do the same Solo dungeons over and over again because of the boss timers in these dungeons >

I've noticed that a few dungeons with boss' (3+) have huge spawn timers on their boss'
Is this a bug or is this just simply an annoying part of the game?

Help would be grand please >

Get Wrobled
  • Nickers
    Yes they do, to get around this try to logout in the dungeon just before server maintenance. When it comes back up volia, boss should be spawned.
    Edited by Nickers on June 22, 2014 7:17AM
    Server: NA Megaserver
    Campaign: WabbaJack
    Guild: DCREW
  • Arkadius
    I recently did all those Cyrodiil dungeon achievements. The problem with the boss spawns is not a long timer. Actually, they respawn as fast as the normal mobs.

    The problem is, that in dungeons with multiple bosses the number of bosses, that can spawn at the same time, is limited. For example, if a dungeon has 3 bosses, only 1 (maybe 2, not sure) boss does spawn at the same time. But there will (almost?) never be 3 bosses up at the same time. When you kill a boss, a random one will respawn after a few minutes.

    This means, if you are waiting for a special boss, you have to kill the others all over again, until the desired boss finally spawns.

    Hope this helps.
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