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looking for argonian roleplaying resources

hi, i play an argonian and im sort of roleplaying him... on my own.

im very shy and i dont talk to anyone in game. but id like to read about other's argonian experiences and roleplay :)
hello :)
  • Xilc

    Look at this thread, I found it very helpful personally :)
  • ShedsHisTail
    I'm a big fan of the Argonian's myself.
    Definitely one of the most unique races in elder Scrolls lore and I would love to know more about their relationships to the Hist (Shadowfen was a great zone for me).

    In my head I RP my Argonian as I haven't run into any other RPers in game, but I've got a dream about an Argonian guild based on the Twin Lamps faction from Morrowind.

    In fact, I'm looking for like minded people.

    Hit me up in game: Sheds-His-Tail
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    Have you seen the Twin Lamps?
  • lavendercat
    Xilc wrote: »

    Look at this thread, I found it very helpful personally :)

    thanks :)
    hello :)
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