Really guy's? Really?

Serious quest that I thought would never be asked.
What's the point in an MMO if you're going to force us to do these quests on our own? Isn't the whole point of an MMO to play with other people and do the quests in guilds? So why falsely advertise and make us do these quests on our own. You have so many problems in this game, and one of them is the game itself. I feel like you've wasted all of our money with this complete rip off of what can't be rightly called an MMO.
  • Mephos
    again, another crying baby. god how I love those posts. no explanation, no details, just tears and ranting. no developer ever will listen to stuff that is written like this.

    this is a really good MMO but it has a few flaws.
    you sound like you need to do EVERY quest alone, but its mainly only the solo quests (story quests) that needs to be done alone. everything else can mostly done together as long as you do the same decisions.

    now get lost.. delete your account please :)
  • Censorious
    The solo quests are there as a rite-of-passage. If you can't pass, then you (or your build/gear) are not good enough for the next level.

    Nobody want's the challenges to be removed as long as it's actually possible, otherwise the game gradually gets eroded down a bit of pointless mob farming.

    You simply have to find the right way to win - then you get to join the club.
    'Clever' sigs get old real fast - just like this one.
  • frwinters_ESO
    again and again and again there is seriously less then like 20 quests your required to do alone. the rest you can group with all you want. Some group dungeons you have too. If you can not complete a solo mission yourself, dont do it until you have more levels under your belt or re-evaluate you build.
  • imnotacop
    I see your points. I take it back.
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