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Assessment of Thoralod Eagle-Heart

Name: Thoralod Eagle-Heart
Race: Nord
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'8
Weight: 225lbs.
Birth Date: 14th Last Seed, 2E 561

At first glance, Thoralod Eagle-Heart appears as an average nord, standing slightly taller however and much more imposing. A closer examination reveals a dark and troubled young man with a mysterious past that his comrades warmed me not to ask about. The only information I aquired was that he served as a mercenary for some time before joining the military.

I continued further into his regular activities, however, and what I assumed to be a surname (later realising that nords do not usually have surnames, only titles and clan names) was infact a title given to him by his comrades after witnessing his tendency to attack and quickly incapacitate an unsuspecting enemy, much as an eagle swoops down and quickly catches prey. His comrades also reported that he often went missing after dark then returned myteriously in the morning, I doubt that that is worth investigation however.

The lack of information on Thoralod's past brings some doubt, but the Pact is desperately in need of capable warriors and Thoralod's combat experience is of great value to us.

Thoralod Eagle-Heart passes his evaluation.

- Dralvus Balu
Thoralod Eagle-Heart
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