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Vampirism - Lamae's Trials

"Hear ye. Hear ye..."

There it goes again. Though I had never told them the truth but I was really just passing by and lending a helping hand to the worthless Captain Dugakh and Goldrun's pathetic group of weaklings he call army. And the Ironhand Ogres weren't the prettiest bunch.

This stuff is getting really old, I'm never fond of people chanting my doings. I have absolutely no intention to deal with the ongoing political dramas in Rivenspire, nor do I wish to torture myself on the hot sands of Alik'r just to catch a glimpse of the rumoured lizard race. There was only one place I could go, Bangkorai. The dense woods and gloomy haze attracts me for some nostalgic reason. Maybe it was those dejavu I've been having since I set foot on Tamriel.

And so I rode to Evermore, ignoring everyone who has rushed to me for aid. These people has to understand that if they were to pick up arms, they could've solved their problems with ease. It's interesting however, that I met a couple who tries to go on an adventure without even knowing how to start a fire. One could only do what's best for them, ignore them and let them know that they do not fit in the woods of Tamriel.

Upon reaching Bangkorai, I began to hear rumours of the night stalker, it was said that they would appear and anyone that came in contact would be infected by a rare disease. Some travellers even came as far as from Glenumbra and are willing to give up their life savings for said disease. There must be much to gain that's worth such huge sum, hence I decided to investigate further.

South of Evermore, a group of travellers gather under a shady tree. From afar it would seem like the usual garden gathering culture by the nobles. Lutes and bards, chattering and napping, but what intrigues me is that these pot heads are not supposed to gather at such late hours. Information could be priceless or worthless depending on who you spoke to, there was only a person that stood out like a sore thumb amongst these idiots. A lady in commoner's dressing, patiently waiting for something or someone, who stood at a far corner, observing the party.

"Greetings traveler."

"Blessings of the moon upon you, do you happen to know exactly what in the Oblivion are they thinking gathering outside the city at such late hours?"

She explained to me that their intention was to get a glimpse of the elite bloodfiends, with hopes to obtain the rare disease. With more questioning, she suggested that one could gain immense prowess should they survive the attack and should the disease manifest without killing it's host. Power is what I seek, and I do not intend to be labeled as one of these amateurs, I decided to inquire about an alternative location of which such bloodfiends would gather.

The lady directed me to venture deeper into the woods, and to wait patiently by the rock before the hanging bridge. It was said that when the moon is only a silver lining, the rumoured would gather and seek lonely merchants as victims. And so I traveled to the said location.

Before I realised, the time was dawn. I have been patiently hiding in hopes to engage should they gather, with no luck for the second night. The stagings of my plans served me no purpose for there was no means to obtain such power without coming in contact with the blood craving foes. When I've decided that my swords thirsts for action and that Rivenspire might have much to offer other than the drama, a lone traveller caught my sight. She donned a black robe, one of which the Bloodthorns are fond of. Her skin pale as the silver lining of the moon, but it wasn't only the contrast of her skin and robes, there was her eyes, red as blood.

I have seen Bretons, and had much opportunity to examine their bodies in my encounters in Stormhaven, but never had I come across such pale skin. Tempted, I approached the mysterious figure. To my surprise, I did not receive the usual greetings.

"You're still searching for the gift? Such determination."

"Who are you? I don't remember having had a conversation with you."

"Oh my. Have you forgotten about me already? I've been keeping a close watch on you, my sister told me that she has sent a fine piece of meat for me. But your attitude tells me otherwise."

The confusion left me with curiosity, yet I do not wish to appear weak in front of this lady.

"State your business or be on your way."

"You seek power, do you not? Today is your lucky day."
People keep telling me they're gonna buy me an ale. They never do.

There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's culture. And the Elves.

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