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I have some ideas

I have some ideas which i wanna share to help building the game online which i love most . I know that it's just my own experience , it might be wrong or ridiculous . i have never expected that zenimax should listen my idea or something like that . However , i think that i might be worse if i keep them in my mind.

Firstly , i have an idea about a system which is called " PvP Guild " . PvP Guild is a special guild . It is made for people who are in same faction . Whenever 1 Clan member contribute for Cyrodiil , guild will receive " Guild Point" . At the end of the campaign , 6 guild ( i can't remember the exact number , it depend on the number of castle of each faction ) have highest score will be in charge 1 castle , and they will receive benefits from thier responsibility such as PvP point for member each day , materials for craft , unique uniform for member ..etc .

Secondly , when the campaign end , people of the winning faction will be allowed to enter a special dungeon which is designed extremely hard , and ofcourse the reward will be worthy

Thirdly , we can make another Special Cyrodill sever at the weekend . which is called " Veteran Cyrodiil ". When you enter that battle , you only have 1 life , if you die , you will be kicked out . At the end of the day the faction have most castles will be the winning faction , and all people of that faction will recive 50,000 PvP point.

Finally , i have an idea about the third morphing skill . It will be separated to 2 parts - PvP and PvE . If you wanna third time morph your skill to be PvP skill , you must enter a new battle , it is arena . The only way to morph and update your skill the third time is that you must enter and fight inside arena . same principle for PvE , you must kill elite boss to morph and improve your skill .

That's all , Thank for reading , and sry about my English
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