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running dungeons need vote mechanic

Hi there,
social dungeon play need some tease by zos.
since people can be jerks, in dungeons/pugs people need a feature to get rid of jerks.
kicking them from group aint teleport them away. 99% stay while do its best to block/bully otheres even more.
that also inflict the leader can never be kicked by others.

i had some expirience from a couple of years in wow. first there aint a dungeon tool.
then it was implemented, without the voting feature at all. due a gain in anonymously in pugs due this machine people lost their respect for each other. jerks took their chances. so the voting feature got implemented and most people were happy with it. the respect gfor each other grows by a large degree.
some months later voting get sort of game and abuse. a cooldown was invented if people vote more then a specific number of dungeons/vote not time.
everybody was happy again about that and could enjoy the community once again. says in higher respect.

somehow little ponies got invented then, but thats another story just for haters.

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