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Would you like scaling system implemented in ESO?

With the implementation of a Public Dungeon timer, I think they've partly fixed the problem.

However with all these world events, I think they share the same problem. Most of the time you are still gonna meet a few people that kill the boss before you can even hit it. Sure you could hit it and get the achievement, but that kinda takes the enjoyment and challenge out of it.

As for the World Bosses some are much harder, and it's normal that you need more people to clear it. However to many people, and the fight is over before it even began.

Dark Anchors are one of the most badass ideas (at least in theory), I know they've improved the difficult from the beta, but I have a feeling that still not enough.
There was many times when I couldn't even hit anything, as 10 other guys were just slaughtering everything. Also there was a couple of times that I managed to duo it!

I've been thinking for the couple of days, if there is anything that could improve the experience. I've come to the conclusion that scaling world events to the number of players near them could do the trick! If any of you ever played Rift you know what I'm talking about.

I'll also add vote pool for those that agree/disagree. Feel free to share your opinion!
Edited by Bloodfang on May 1, 2014 4:17PM

Would you like scaling system implemented in ESO? 14 votes

TerminusAnath_QBloodfangSuperScrubbyTuterKingBandrasroflcopterareki38 8 votes
Yes, but only for Public Dungeons.
nicholaspingasb16_ESO 1 vote
Yes, but only for Dark Anchors.
LorhaldPhranq 2 votes
Yes, but only for World Bosses.
KroinKolokiThePedroKid 3 votes
  • Terminus
    Great discussion, good job on the different poll options.

    I believe that, when monsters spawn, the system should analyze how many people are within a certain radius of that spawn. This would effect the health of the creature that spawns (bosses and dark anchors only) to ensure the events remain challenging.

    DPS of the enemy should not be changed, but it might be smart for them to use more AOE's.

    New question: If enemies scale, should they give the same experience, or more?
    Should there be a max scale limit? (5 people)?
  • Bloodfang

    I agree that it should effect only health, as that's something that should increase how long the fight takes. It wouldn't hurt to add more aoe mechanics to the World Bosses, maybe minor dps increase (It would take them some time to test everything and see if it works well).

    To answer your question, I believe that if we wanna support grouping style of play, it should definitively give more experience. (This could also make leveling through different methods more viable).

    As for the scaling, I think 5 should be max only for Public Dungeons or World Bosses, for Dark Anchors I'd rather give it to scale max to 10 as it's more unique and often crowded in peak hours.

    Also it wouldn't hurt to add option to join "public group" as soon as you enter that area and if the event has already begun!
  • TuterKing
    I think this is a good idea also it would be nice to scale down the challenge a bit if your in a dead area with no one in it. Was extremely hard to try and dual a world anchor.
    The King is Here!
  • nicholaspingasb16_ESO
    Yes, but only for Public Dungeons.
    Anchors shouldn't scale. They are supposed to be a massive daedric invasion, not some pushover tea party with 5 scamps eating biscuits. Public dungeons, on the other hand, should be both instanced and scaled.
    Sanguine's Beta Tester

  • SuperScrubby
    Dark Anchors are 4 man content in the open world. They should def scale because you can duo them and if you care enough you can solo them. They're lame as they are right now.
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