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Rapid Maneuvers + Cloak Drops Maneuver Buff (Nightblade)

The tooltip on rapid manuever says you lose the buff if you attack someone. Currently, in pvp in the thick of battle, I do not lose the buff while healing, sprinting, purging, dodge rolling etc. I do lose it when I attack someone, as intended.

My issue happens from activating my Nightblade ability dark cloak. It drops my maneuver buff. This happens when things go south (pvp or pve) and I hit Rapid manuever then try to speed cloak out of the area (Concealed strike gives an additional 25% movement speed as well making this very good for survival). Is this intended? Sometimes I dont lose my speed buff but I'd say 90% of the time I lose it if im in combat.


  • Francescolg
    You shouldn't be able to move faster in stealth than normal, when sprinting it's ok, when stealthing not. I hope they'll focus on that issue soon, given that now many ppl are twinking their NBs just to have superduper stealth speed (armor bonus, armor sets, etc. etc. are favorizing the NB massively, it's just luck that many NBs don't go the most efficient way to max their chars)
  • Beeftips
    What are you talking about? My NB, in stealth, can run faster than a 75% horse...that's not OP....kidding
  • LunaRae
    I run that and never have a problem with DC / RM - if you do this in your factions starting zone do you still have a problem? Maybe try re-logging if you haven't already.
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  • Beldorr
    This thread was posted 4 months ago and has been fixed. Thanks though.

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