Are Weapon Critical bonuses not stacking correctly?

I just hit level 31 on my Nightblade and spent the point on Pressure Points level 2, an Assassination passive that boosts your Critical Strike rating from 1% (first tier) to 3% per Assassination ability slotted. I have three Assassination skills slotted, two on my primary bar and one on my secondary. I don't know if they all count at once for +9%, or only the active bar so it should switch between +6% and +3%. But my Weapon Critical stat on my character sheet doesn't change when I switch bars. Maybe Pressure Points only affect crit damage? The description should be clarified if so.

Next potential problem, Shadowy Disguise (morph of Shadow Cloak) does not boost your crit strike chance if you execute it while stealthed. Maybe that is working as intended but I don't really understand why that would be. I had been using it to guarantee a crit strike on my opening attack, both in PvP and PvE, but apparently I've been wasting the magicka.
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    What I think happens after some not so thorough testing is that crit bonuses from assasination and dual wield do indeed work but do not show on the character sheet. Try getting a dps monitor to see how well it works for you .I am not sure about the crit mundus stone but the crit damage mundus is better.

    Shadowy disguise works perfectly for me i.e crits every time without fail. A Surprise Attack(Veiled Strike) from the back when opening takes ~75% of any trash mob health and stuns it . It even instakills some mobs (VR4) and this is with 23% damage reduction from leaching strikes. On elites my rotation is SD+SA+Strong attack, they are either unable to see me , stunned or on the ground.
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