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WS Raiders Is Now Recruiting

WinterSons Raiders is a Ebonhart Pact Sub-Guild of WinterSons. We are all about pvp and everything that that brings. We offer the following:

TS3 - Required Use
PVP Training
PVP Raids
PVP Gank Squands
PVP Small Unit Tactics
PVP Large Unit Tactics
PVP Alliance with Crimson Order for Large Scale PVP and Total Map Take Over!
and everything else you need to bring the pain to Skull Crusher.

If you are interested or want to know more, please contact me in game @‌Boazz

We are recruiting all positions Leadership and otherwise, come Join this already existing and active guild and be a part of our "Special Forces Division"

Current Leader Ship are very experienced in PVP and mostly former Military but all are welcome.

Best Regards,
  • boazzleadernub19_ESO
    We are still recruiting and growing on the skull crusher server. join us today and help rid the server of the way overpowered AD faction.

    pm @boazz in game
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