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Vampire Only Guild (NA - Ebonheart) "House Veleth"

House Veleth is a very new Guild with few members but I aim to grow it big with friendly like-minded creatures of the night afflicted with Porphyric Hemophilia. I don't want this to be very complicated, but simply a fun RP Guild with mostly PVE but probably some PVP in the future when we're a larger Guild.

If you're a Vampire looking for some other Vampiric players to be social with, quest with, trade and simply play the game with, send me a PM in game, @Emotika.

(A little about me:
I play on the NA server in the Ebonheart Pact, even though I actually live in Europe. This is because most of my friends that play The Elder Scrolls Online live in the US.

I used to play in Beta. I was also in Early Access but because of life I was inactive for a while, though now I'm back in the game. I am only lvl 30 so far because of those reasons.)

Small ground rules everyone should already know:
- No trolls
- No harassing
- No scamming

If someone is breaking a rule, please send me a PM. Also for now I don't accept people who want to get bitten, only people who are already vampires. In the future I'll probably work out a system for giving free bites in a fair way.

I know this isn't much to go on, but if you want to support an up-coming Guild while we grow, this is your chance to do so. :)
Edited by Emotika on May 1, 2014 4:52PM
  • Pchela
    I'll have to join this, as my character's last name is Veleth. :P
  • Emotika
    Mine too! Awesome.. :D
  • Shaggy214
    with PMs disabled for the time being I'm not sure how to contact you to get an invite. But if you have the time, and the system lets you, I would like an invite.
  • Emotika
    I'll invite you in a while, got stuck playing Skyrim for a bit. Send me an in-game mail or I'll add you to the guild in a few days. Sorry for the delay!
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