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Low level Werewolf quest

I Got bit at 19 and finally finished the quest at 23. Iearned that:
1. There are 4 different possible bosses not 3.
A. Snake (42 with about 3800 hps) Poison damage. (bad, bad, bad)
b. Troll (42 with about 3800 hps) Regenerate (pretty bad)
c. Mammoth (42 with about 7000 hps) Doable with practice.
d. Troll (42 with about 1700 hps) easy if you can get it to spawn.
if you go around the zone clock wise that is a - d is the order you'd encounter them. There will only be 1 boss up at a time so if you dont get the one you want you have to leave zone for about 10 mins and try again. I only saw the low HP troll once. I killed it and ran off without feeding bugging the quest. So when you see people saying the troll was easy this is why.

Killing the mammoth. - (I was 23)
bring a lot of health pots, you cant use mana and health will be way more important than stamina.
I bought a ring that lowered pot timer by 5 secs. and used health food.
Repair armor before going in.
Have a few hours to kill because it or the troll could take a while to get to spawn.

I ran up and slapped it in the back. It faces me and tries to gorge me with it's tusks. Lucky me I saw that coming and blocked. I then run through it to the back left or right and slap it on the side and block. It turns and attack, or does a special attack. When it does a special (red telegraph on the ground) you get behind it and unload. Get in close and aim and a foot. Repeat this until it is dead using pots ever time you loose 100 hps or more. I had the mammoth hit me with basic attacks over and over and I had it do specials 4 times in a row. It seems to be best to say in close.

Beat it, Howl, feed with pack. Enjoy the massive timer on your new ultimate to charge it up. GL.

Leveling: I found a spot in greenshade: Near the labyrinth wayshrine that has wasp nests. They spawn like 8 wasps with low hps and once you hit 5 are edible. i hit x wait a sec move. repeat. I can normally reach the third nest. I dont think i've master the eating to gain time..... each nest when in human form gives me about 1/4 of my ulta so i can wolf out about 10 times an hour and get 20ish kills each time. Level went up very fast in ww. They are level 24 i think so this will only work for ww's up to about level 29.
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  • pokebreaker
    I went through at 23 as well, but had the snake at first. Kept trying until it broke all of my gear. When I came back from repairing, the Snow Troll had spawned, and I hit the jackpot. Snow Troll was super easy...So easy that I thought that it woudn't count, because it was surely a trash mob.
  • forbzinator
    Soul Shriven
    Just done this against the mammoth as a level 5 took a couple of attempts but easy as pie once you learn to avoid his standard attacks.

    I'll post up the video if anyone is interested.

    PSN - Forbzinator
  • Cadbury
    AFAIK the general consensus is that the mammoth is the easiest boss, followed by the troll. There was a youtube video of someone getting bit and taking out the mammoth on a level 1. I'm not sure if this was done before or after the supposed "patch" made to the quest.
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