Thoughts On Hybrid Builds

Hello there people of ESO! Having a good day? I hope so because I'm pretty sure this may or may not end up causing players to argue a bit in the name of good fun and theory crafting!

I play a 2H Wielding, Light/Medium/Plate (in order of least to most pieces worn) Armor, Aedric Spear, Dawn's Wrath, Restoring Light Templar. The focus of this build is/was to be a Supportive DPS of sorts, something to snare and debuff enemies while DPSing mobs down at the very least somewhat efficiently, while also being able to help/save the healer by tossing a decent heal of my own out at times.

My question here to all of you is this: With more and more players finally reaching Veteran Content and mods that measure supposed effectiveness in DPS and Heals being a thing now, what do all of you think of Hybrid Builds in ESO? Are they worth pursuing, or should they be burned at the stake?
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