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Casual East-Asia Guild Looking for Members (NA)

こんいちは (konnichiwa)!Are you on the NA server and having trouble finding people to play with in your time-zone?

The Samurai Scrolls guild is a start-up, casual adventuring guild based in Japan. Our goal is to unify the ESO players in the region into a friendly, helpful guild of adventurers. As the guild grows, we'll also have a shared guild bank for swapping crafting resources. Current members are in the Ebonheart Pact, but all factions are welcome.

The Don'ts: We currently only require that you follow Wheaton's Rule: "Don't be a ***." ;) Violations of this rule by harassing other members, looting the guild bank (once we have one), creating drama, or otherwise being a terrible human being will result in penalization and/or summary dismissal at officer discretion.

The Dos: What should you do? Be considerate and respectful of other players, help each other out when you can, contribute to the guild bank, and generally just try to be friendly and have fun. Japanese speakers are welcome, but 日本語が少し話す、でもだいたい英語が話す。

Please email or message @shardsofblue in game for an invite, or leave a comment here. See you Tamriel!
  • Tabibito_sama
    Soul Shriven
    Is this guild still up and running? Do you have any Japanese speakers?
    Edited by Tabibito_sama on August 23, 2015 8:13AM
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