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Templar Tanking

I've struggled with a handful of the different dungeons on my adventure from Launch to present day and I now feel that I've had enough battle experience to at least put my hand in on the subject.

First and foremost is armor. ALWAYS keep it up to date.
If you've gotten to Direfrost Keep with gear that you got in regular Fungal Grotto, it's time to craft!
I would say that it's wholely necessary to go full-purples, but if you plan on longevity up until 50 then it couldn't hurt.

Once you hit the Veteran-level dungeons, the key is PATIENCE. Think back to story time when you were in elemtary school. Did the Hare win the race by being the fastest? Absolutely not.

If it's your first time in any dungeon then you - as the tank - need to be able to control the bosses and make sure your healer & dps aren't being pounded into mush and getting burned alive. FTC is a great add-on to have, as it will allow you to see when your taunts are about to wear off so that you can refresh them.

There's no better way to learn a boss fight than to experience it for yourself. There are always multiple strategies to do different things, but listen to your group and - again - be PATIENT.

My attributes are 0/29/20 - All of the important abilities run off of Stamina and with my abilities listed below, the limited amount of Magicka that you have is actually just the right amount.

My tanking bar includes specifically these five abilities:
Turn Undead - Fighters Guild, Morphed - This adds armor to yourself and the party, and in huge groups of Daedra and undead, the fear is unmistakably important if you don't have enough AoE.
Unstoppable - Heavy Armor, Morphed - This adds an incredible amount of spell resist AND armor, and those few extra seconds from this morph will be immeasurable in the amount of damage mitigation you get.
Radiant Ward - Aedric Spear, Morphed - This shield gives you more of a bubble when you hit more enemies, rather than waiting for it to pop. Gogo tank AoE!
Ransack - One Hand and Shield, Morphed - This taunt is based on Stamina, and making sure that you refresh it every 12-14 seconds will help you to control the boss.
Inner Beast- Undaunted, Morphed - Either morph on this ability is fine, but the ability in itself is VERY important because if you run out of Stamina then you have a second taunt at the ready.

There are times when you can probably swap your weapons to DPS a boss down, especially on fights like the Gargoyle in Spindleclutch when he enrages and you need that *LITTLE* extra bit.

I am fully Heavy Armor, and have invested in all of its skills, same with One Hand and Shield. All of my gear is enchanted with Health - You can never have too much, even when you're overcharged. Big Health pool means you can take bigger hits, those which can - and will - oneshot your healer.

Also, being Imperial, the racial skills are extremely awesome because you get huge bonuses to both Health AND Stamina. Also, a chance to restore Health on hit is amazingly beneficial to your healer - who doesn't love a tank that can heal?

My most important piece of advice is blocking.



When a boss - or even just a regular trash mob - is winding up a power attack, you'll take a small fraction of that hit's true power and you won't be gazing at the ceiling, wondering just how many pixels make that stalactite.

And my last bit of advice: Don't stand in stupid! It can sometimes be hard to see an AoE pool on the ground, but if it's not glowing gold and wasn't put there by you or a party member then it's not beneficial.

I hope that this has been beneficial for you tanks out there who have been struggling with holding aggro, or if you've just been getting pounded into a dark red pile of mush. Please feel free to add anything, or ask any questions!
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