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Wayrest Sewers - ZOS put a Investigator Garron quest inside - Can I reach him solo?-SOLVED

NEVER MIND. It does appear as a "quest" but it was apparently not one of the 64 for Stormhaven. I still had Dreughside that I passed by. Wykyyd quest tracker will track it as a "quest" under Stormhaven. But Achievement Tracker will not and will update properly when all actual Stormhaven quests are complete 64/64.

I'm trying to complete all the quests for Stormhaven but the final quest I have left is Kill Investigator Garron.

I went inside and stopped as soon as I got past the skeevers. I'm level 24 but it's my crafter and I still don't have an AOE kill skill.

Did ZOS purposely make this a Group "Quest" on top of a Group dungeon?

I don't think I can reach him as squishy as my crafter is and I wonder if i could solo him even if I reached him.

Edited by SpAEkus on April 30, 2014 2:54AM
  • chaosme
    This is not a solo quest. Wayrest sewers is a group dungeon meant for 4 players.
  • SpAEkus
    Thanks, I figured it out after I found Dreughside.
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