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Looking For Guild - EU - Aldmeri Dominion

So, kind of like the title says I am looking for a guild.

I'm a very casual player as home life and my children come first but I do get to go online several hours a week. I am primarily PvE focused but can sometimes be coerced into a little bit of PvP if cannon fodder is needed. I don't really care about getting the best gear of achieving amazing feats of blah blah blah but I really would like to find a bunch of guys and girls who have a laugh, talk utter rubbish to each other and make silly comments that often go way over the line.

II have played MMOs for many years and am used to being in small to medium sized guilds who have a mature sense of humour and a taste for strong alcohol.

So if you have a guild full of drunken fools who should really know better please let me know so that technically I'm not drinking alone. I don't want to be an alcoholic, I don't have time for the meetings.

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