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Looking for a casual guild [NA]

Hi, Like the title says I am looking for a some what casual guild. I understand real life comes before a game and want to be in a guild that understands that too. No drama just play to have fun.
I play in all three of the alliances. Want to join a group that does PvE ( group dungeons and trials when they come out ), some PvP, and trade. Mostly a guild that is going to help each other out and have some fun doing it.
  • sgtclark87
    Howdy Reaper, Currently I have a friendly PvE guild lookin to expand. Only 6 members at the moment but would like to have ya if interested. Goal is PvE some PvP in the future if can get enough members. Send me an in game mail @sgtclark87 if interested. Thanks
  • Master_Liu
    Soul Shriven
    Hello ReaperHD,

    We're a small guild called Dark Ascension. We have 8 people and we're looking for casual players like yourself. No drama, we just want to have fun playing the game, questing, PvE, Grouping, etc as you stated. There's a link in my signature. Try us out, we use Teamspeak.

    ingame: @masteryoda028
  • Cyandvai
    Kyodai has just about 17 members in ESO. We started out in another MMO about 2 years ago and most of us have stuck together in our MMO adventures.

    here's the link to our post on the forums

    or drop by www.kyodaigaming.com

    Feel free to look for me ( @Cyandvai ) or Aoshi ( @Aoshi1 )
  • Arsenic_Touch
    Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

    ╔═════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╗
    "Hope can drown lost in thunderous sound."
    "Fear can claim what little faith remains."
    "Death will take those who fight alone."
    "But united we can break a fate once set in stone."

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    NA // Ebonheart Pact // Leader of CORE Legion // Namira Beta Tester // VR11 NB
  • Valturion
    The Protectorate is a very selective and close community of players who push themselves to the edge of their capabilities alongside like-minded individuals in an environment that does not strangle them to do better, but nurtures their ambitions and potential with fun-loving and talented people who make gameplay entertaining and engaging. We strongly believe that you play your best among people you genuinely like and respect. People you can crack jokes and screw around with yet also coordinate and collaborate with to progress through content efficiently and effectively. People you are proud to call your guildmates.

    If this ideal resonates within you, learn more here:

    Rise to your calling.

    Justicar Valturion
    High Commander of the Protectorate
  • jasterslegacy2000b14_ESO

    Check out the link for some details on our guild. From what you described we might be a good fit for you.
  • LadyHen
    Sword and Flame is a casual cross alliance guild. Members can play at their leisure and style. http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/84567/sword-and-flame#latest
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