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Official Discussion Thread for "Battlemaster's Corner: The Shadow Knight"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Battlemaster's Corner: The Shadow Knight. What do you think of Kraive's specialized Nightblade build?

If you've got an ESO character build that you think is the best, share it with us (along with a character screenshot) at [email protected] and we might feature you in an upcoming Battlemaster's Corner!
Jessica Folsom
Lead Community Manager - ZeniMax Online Studios
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Staff Post
  • niknokseyer
    I'm still not maximizing the use of secondary weapons. I don't see any compelling reasons to use it as of the moment since I'm pretty satisfied with my 1 hand sword and shield setup. I know it's good for bows and then switch on sword when it's close.. but other than that not sure how I should use it yet.
    BloodPact Guild
  • JoeSchlock
    That sounds like fun - need to try that out on my Night Blade tank :)
    Upt o now I had more fun with my Dragonknight tank - Sword'n'Board and switch to Two-Handed for the AoE-Fun ;)
  • krumhur
    Soul Shriven
    a (small?) correction: Swallow Soul is NOT a DoT, its a direct damage ability (the heal component is a HoT of course)
  • Jonathan46
    It sounds like alot of fun but it does leave some questions. It says little of where those skills come from (class line, Weapon Line) says nothing about passives.

    A full build tells us more.
  • habbahen
    Please continue. And this article heavily needs inlined skill icons. I am not sure you current site engine allows this, but it is a must
  • Prokonto
    you could use this: & everythink will be clear;)
  • invisiblejesus_ESO
    This sounds cool, similar to the build I'm hoping to go with once I get some levels on. Do you think a version using dual wield with inner fire for a taunt would be reasonably doable? I'm nowhere near endgame content yet, but I really like the feel of dual wielding more than weapon and shield.
  • jasonwbennett_ESO
    Any idea of how stat distribution would be on this?
  • aidan8et
    Most tanks seem to benefit for something along a 1:2:1 stat spread.
  • LordRhys
    Would be nice to see the progression to get there, I have a 5th lvl Wood Elf Nightblade
  • Lahan
    Will get destroyed in VR dungeons.
  • jvargas150_ESO
    Lame if he had like 7 slots instead of 5 he would actually use those cools abilities he currently isn't able to and is required to switch specs.. Like having the Dark Shades etc
    Edited by jvargas150_ESO on April 29, 2014 2:02AM
  • rune.netb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    how about EVERYONE's favourite? the unkillable teleport-mistform-batswarm? you ought to feature that one, since you don't seem to wanna fix it anytime soon!
  • lewiscowface
    Soul Shriven
    I am pretty sure that the next favorite build for this batllemaster will be the awesome "Vampire Lord" the inmortal DK+Vamp+dest staff
  • 6point6b16_ESO
    Liferegen HoT has nothing on veteran bosses.. Bye bye to the Shadow Knight of Wanting To Tank Wish
  • Skylandra
    I really like this build - sounds versatile and I think might be a superb Offtank as well as main tank in 12 man raids due to its versatility. I have a DK Tank who is probably a "Tougher" Tank but I doubt has the same ability to sustain DPS while Tanking.
    I think it will be builds like this that will unlock trials.

  • remraub16_ESO
    This is what I first went for with my Argonian Nightblade. I was greatly dissapointed in how little the Refreshing path and Swallow Soul healed for, hardly noticable. (And that's with Argonian Racial passive)

    Once I started PvP'ing at lvl 50, I noticed it even more, the HoT's don't do anything there as everything spikes you so hard you're usually dead before it has even ticked twice.

    IMO Night Blades are by far the weakest class at the moment. The only decent stuff they have is in the Assassin line, the rest is rather weak in comparison to the other clasees, which is very unfortunate as I love the idea of the class.

    I especially had hoped I could play them more like a Mage, but as their DoT's are so weak and the Shadow pets do no damage what so ever (not even when morphed into two), you simply can't kill anyone with it :/

    So, I have gone to the assassination tree + Dual wield. Really boring standard build but atleast I can kill other players with it once in a while (except DK's, and Vamps that are WAAAAAY OP at the moment)
    Edited by remraub16_ESO on April 29, 2014 11:07AM
  • Necropantzes
    Soul Shriven
    I'm playing a similar build but as a vampire. 1hander and shield on one bar 2 hander on the other for dps, melee aoe. I don't seem to need resources at all due to leeching strikes so I have just put all points into health. The point of the skills is not to deal damage so It seems to be fine. Also stacking fire resist to mitigate the debuff. rolling dungeons so far and not even a full group. will see how things evolve.

    Surprised a build like this was featured first because it's kinda unorthodox.

    I really miss the old eq1 shadowknight. No other mmo class has ever matched how awesome it was. I am forever trying to recreate it in all the mmo's i played so far ESO is the closest I have come too.
    Edited by Necropantzes on April 29, 2014 12:42PM
  • concobar
    Any idea of how stat distribution would be on this?

    0/49/0 enchant for magica or stamina to taste.

    I will still look across the lands from my perch at Arrius, Nerf or no I will still be the Night. I may not be the hero Ebonheart Pact wanted but I will be the hero Ebonheart pact deserves.
  • habbahen
    As an advice would be nice to have have build videos like
    - this build ob level 30
    - this build in VR1 dungeon.

    This will allow to avoid comments like "Will get destroyed in VR dungeons."
  • Drengir
    krumhur wrote: »
    a (small?) correction: Swallow Soul is NOT a DoT, its a direct damage ability (the heal component is a HoT of course)

    Came here just to say this. But apparently was too slow :)
  • rrb167b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I like this article. I was disappointed about the lack of direct links to the suggested skills to where they relate,i.e.,class, weapon,armor guild, etc.

    OK, so many of you are a lot brighter than I am, but listing a skill, THEN WHERE I COMES FROM, would be nice and extremely useful.
  • Anvos
    I can't help but think this battlemaster segment would be a lot better if you required some footage of the build in question in the future.

    Also add in a few more stats on the build and weapon/armor types.
    Edited by Anvos on April 30, 2014 3:30AM
  • Nullist
    Why call it a Knight, when its not a Knight build.
  • Hexcaliber
    Frankly, reading this, it strikes me as nothing but a theory crafted build rather than something being used.

    The build is heavily reliant on magic attacks, something any NB is going to struggle with wearing heavy armour, siphoning attacks alone just won’t cut it unless you are using something like the dual wield skill flurry or a morphed version thereof, it needs a lot of fast attacks for the 10% proc to be worthwhile. Further as already stated by others, some of those abilities will fall apart at the highest levels.

    Would select any dk/Templar tank build for a party before trusting this as MT or even OT.

    edited to correct my *** typing skills.
    Edited by Hexcaliber on April 30, 2014 9:38AM
    Regards Hexcaliber.
  • timborggrenlarsenb16_ESO
    Using Plate,Caped Hp, Caped Resistence and caped Armor(Not that this seem to do anything, I still drop like a fly in pvp)
    Pve build: 1h & Shield
    Pvp build:1h & Shield + Bow
    - Be Anyone.
    - Do Anything.
    - Go Anywhere.
  • Pltchaosub17_ESO
    Please post the unkillable vampire Build, I'd really like to know that one Dev's.
  • simonpier
    Soul Shriven
    very good tank, but i think the best class for tank is the dragonknight, but still this isn't a bad combination. the bad thing is the missing stat distribution, this is very important. I will try to send a new type of tank ;)
    Edited by simonpier on April 30, 2014 11:02PM
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