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If u are quitting the game what changes would u like to see made before coming back to the game?

Hello guys,

i just want to give my honest opinion about the game at the current state, and what needs to be changed to keep players interested for a longer term then the free 1th month and more or less for many forced second month.

If u are quitting the game what changes would u like to see made before coming back to the game?

PS: Those English teachers around here, plz don't judge me on my writing this is not my mother language and i am doing my best to reflect the feature's that the game needs to have to succeed. Thank u in advance.

For me to come back after my sub is off, would be the following

Basics Features that should have been in game already, no excuses:

-NAMEPLATES in game (for pvp and pve / u could stand a near friend/guild player and u would not know it).15 + Years of basic MMO Feature and they manage not to even make it optional for the RPG NERDS to turn it off or on for normal MMO players that are used to this essential feature that makes it feel that u play an MMO and that i useful in many ways for PVE and PVP.

-DUELING option!!! to duel your friends to have some fun to test some builds out ect. Having a entire BIG ASS PVP zone but no dueling some one felt in sleep at zanimax and forgot about it, he might have had it in his head but he just forgot because this game hast totally nothing to do with PVP...this one same as nameplates /BLOWS-MINDS into the oblivion for the PVP players trust me not having this features in game.

-DPS dummy's, to check out your rotation for best dps/healing build.

-a proper mini-map, (forcing players to get a broken mini man addon). Current mini map in game is just useless face it ppl, works maybe great in skyrim but in an MMO it is just useless.

-Quest categorization must be improved. Many times when i am doing a quest and Press "J" to look up the quest it has a different name then it is listed in the quest tracker. A quest is in SUB SUB categorize separated make's it not that great to work with it. This gets annoying really, not that i am saying that u can't find the quest ect. It is just like a irritating handicap.

-Instant teleport to dungeon when 4 man group is full " for Looking for group system" ( when u find players to get strait away teleported to the dungeon and not that first one of the players needs to enter the dungeon and then players can teleport into the dungeon)

-A actual Search option when u using GUILD STORE/ AH to find items and 4-5 Trade guilds integrated into 1 where u can see items of all those trade guilds in one Store, and not to search manually each of the 4-5 trade guilds stores tab 1 to XXXX to find the item and lowest prize ect. ( i know there is a addon for but it don't syncs properly as it should with the Store and u still need to select manually each trade guild u want to search in).

Atm it is just a useless feature in game even the setup that u need to join a Trading guild, well have fun finding Good Trading guild where u can sell something the proper way. This will take u a while, and not to mention for each item that u want list for a decent prize to compete u need to spit true each of the 4-5 trading guilds manually. FUN FUN!!...NOT!!

-Item preview option, like when some one links a great item, oh man i just looted this bad boy check out the looks.. well u can't because there is no preview option to see it.

-linking items in chat with shift click and not to always have to rigth-click the damn item and then link it gets soo annoying.

-item customization ( to have different looks of your gear to feel uniq an not same looking crafting gear styles that other have or basic wardrobes that everyone gets )

-Proper loot system in game to encourage players to play the dungeons and not just to go in for CHEST farm in dungeons because those drop and have better chance on loot then the bosses that u kill. Atm it is like this: u kill bosses chance on loot /mehh so u continue to final boss "the grand finale" in the dungeon and he drops 3g for u, that is total fun there, ye right total bias man so FUN REALLY!!??!, now do it xx time over and over again u will notice it is true BS /facepalm to the DEV'S for this, guy that made this random system should be fired. One more thing regarding the current loot system, i truly HOPE ZANIMAX U WON'T USE IT FOR THE 12 MAN TRAILS, else players will rage like u never sow before trust me on this one.

Advanced Features:

-mount customization, they have already stat-boosts for your mount speed/stamina/, add some looks like armor that u can gain at some lvl for the horse to make it look different and not like trillion other horses that other players have.

-raids at launch (i know will come next patch, but when u have a 200+mil cash cow throwing literally GOLD AT u this should be NP for that budget to make it happen). Once more MMO is rushed for release it is CLEAR as water. Next patch notes have more BUG fixes/ combat animation fixes and so on the list is LONG and minor information about changes/added stuff for the new content, that says enough how broken the game is at release ( i know new MMO ect but still to much, u can't say players don't see whats going on here). Combine this with the major bug fixes that they need to do, I really doubt the new content will make it in a decent shape out of there DEV-LAB at release. Even if it will be tested next month by some players, it will be also released in the same month, IT IS STILL TO SHORT OF TIME FOR TESTING TO MAKE IT POLISHED ENOUGH!!

-WW and VAMP bites, total mess atm. It don't feels uniq in any way to have it when everyone in PVP is a VAMP atm, they should have just made it a BASIC Feature. Anyway those mob locations are farmed by gold-seller's and abusers that scam players that want to get a bite, because a chance to get a bit of the mob is nearly impossible. Further on broken mechanics of those 2 builds/specs that are just abused atm especially in PVP.

-ARMORY, to check out some builds out of top pvp/pve players. That way u can improve your build/stats.

I forgot to add:

- the cost of the respec are just to high atm and not having the ioption to reset per skillpoint/spell is bad. The system forces u if u want even to change 1 spell/morph to reset all skillpoints. Only conclusion bad DEV design not thinking ahead what for problems it will bring with it implementing it as it is atm.

More i can not think of atm, but those above are all that i could come up with. Please leave your honest opinion and what u want to see for the better.
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  • Ulvich
    I think right now my biggest issue is lag. I'm not so sure if it's my internet connection or the game itself.
    Currently I am frozen at any type advancement in the game. I have a VR1 who is 100% finished with Coldharbour and cannot beat Molag Bal because of the lag.
    I'm am no hurry to quit at this moment, but if I can't get past him... well... I might.
    ESO Member Since: April 03, 2014
    Nov. 22, 2013: Beta Group 85b 9
  • masterdtox
    I don'd think that it is a in-game problem your lag, i did the boss fight with no lag at all. Now i must say i have a fiber connection and it is pretty solid. But a ADSL connection should works ofc with NP. If i where u, i would check the router, reset it at least and see how it works + using program's like skype when playing or even having it active can give u some issues within game. Also check your HD if it has no performance issues and ofc the GPU drivers.
  • SexyVette07
    Did you really make the same thread in different subforums?
  • masterdtox
    Did you really make the same thread in different subforums?

    yes, because the forums are so well designed. Did u notice that there is no general forum? PVE content split into factions and dungeons.
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