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Nerf Verynn (VR10 Vamp 1v100 EP infinite invis xD)

just when you thought the devouring swarm dk's were OP. this is my first day playing with this build, and was quite sad to hear about the AOE nerfs with craglorn from a friend. very fun morning in cyrodiil until my eso crashed and my stage 4 vamp got bugged out :'(
  • makong
    To fix the stage 4 bugging out just feed down to stage 3 and let it go back up.

    I find that I'm able to kill more with devouring swarm. It keeps me topped off better than the invisible morph.

    Just as an FYI, there is no AOE cap being pushed. There has always been an AOE cap since release, just noone has bothered to check it out. The only thing being adjusted are a few abilities that had no cap, which they should have had. The only ability to get a nerf is inhale and it's morphs.

    Edited by makong on April 30, 2014 1:48PM
  • akornpuff
    Ah thanks man! I didn't know about the overall cap like most others, I was indeed mainly referring to the Draw Essence nerf, it's one of my key spells in my build, but I switched to Sea of Flames and I think I'll be just fine, I'm usually only hitting 2-3 people at a time anyway which is just fine for a continuous ult.

    As far as devouring swarm goes, absolutely. The sustain is ridiculous (until a sorc wises up and nullifies you). The killing power is there too, more-so over clouding swarm as the ults (correct me of I'm wrong) stack on each other within the 5 second window as many as you can spam, usually I only hit 2, maybe 3 if I'm down in the middle of a huge zerg, where I think devouring swarm tanks usually are at about a 4 swarm upkeep I'd say assuming the enemy is clueless (which most are) and just attempt to melee you down lol. Typically for me it's just one though, which is why you see me chasing down healers etc in my videos, then invis rolling to a small group of people and building another ult, then going and single targeting someone else down.

    I played devouring swarm and it was a blast, but just not my play style. I'm all about the surprise ^^

    edit** also yeah i knew about the feeding but it's the 1.5 hour wait that is frustrating :P spoiled vamp is spoiled ^^;
    Edited by akornpuff on April 30, 2014 2:13PM
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