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T's Add-Ons

Hello, I would like to present the ESO Add-Ons I have created. I hope to spread the word a bit and maybe receive feedback, suggestions or bug reports. Thanks for reading.

Tingles Combat Statistics

T's Combat Stats will give you the ability to gain insight to your combat statistics
without disturbing the simple and subtle interface design.

Currently offering the following features:
- Localized for english, german and french clients
- Combat log that can be activated per chat tab through the chat tab filters (Damage Dealt, Damage Received, Healing Done, Healing Received, Combat Experience, Finesse Experience, Skill Line Experience, Ability Experience, Buff Status, Debuff Status, Veteran Points, Alliance Points, Finesse Progression and Combat Start/End)
- Movable damage per second, healing per second, total damage and total healing on-screen information located above the action bar.
- Ability statistics directly inside the ability tooltip

Chat commands:
/clear - clear all text in a chat tab
/clear all - clear all text in all chat tabs
/tcs reset - delete all data and reset everything to default
/tcs debug - print out the current used ability "system name" *more info below

Known issues:
The devs seemed to have some typos when passing the ability names to the api,
so if a abilities stats does not show up in its toolip eventho you have used
the ability, use "/tcs debug" to print the name and report it to my authors
bug reporting portal


Tingles Chat Colorizer

A Elder Scrolls Online modification that allows you to chat in color. Up to 21 custom colors located under the chat window can be enabled and set from the settings AddOn menu.

Under the chat window,
the first button lets you remove all colors,
the second one lets you set the default chat color,
and the third one allows typing in the colors of the rainbow.


Tingles Chat Coloring Neutralizer

As a defense against my chat colorizer AddOn or manual chat coloring,
this will remove any custom colors from the chat log and leave the clean original look.


Tingles Emote List

Small and simple, one command: /emotes - this will list all game emotes into the current chat tab.
It's dynamic, so if emotes are ever added or removed - you will know first :).


To submit any suggestions or bugs, visit my author portal on
Feature suggestions:
Bug reporting:
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