How to level a healer?

I want to level a pure healer for dungeon content but also want to be able to level it solo between times when I need to. Looking for recommendations on class, race and which abilities/weapon combos work well

  • cazlonb16_ESO
    Remember that the abilities and skill trees on your bar when you kill something/finish a quest will advance, not those you actually use to kill stuff.


    1. Roll a Templar
    2. When you start out, put 1 point into Rushed Ceremony and put it on your bar.
    3. Pick up a dps weapon and dps skills from the other two trees, fill the four remaining slots on your bar with them.
    4. Go out and kill stuff.
    5. At lvl 15, pick up a restoration staff. Fill your 2nd bar with the Restoring Light abilities you wanna morph ( should have unlocked the first three at least simply by Rushed Ceremony sitting on the bar ) and the restoration staff abilities as you unlock them.
    6. See start of the post - Kill and do quests with your dps bar and switch to your healing bar just before stuff dies or you turn quests in.
    7. $$$
  • Hilgara
    That's very interesting. I didn't know about the switching bars before handing in trick. Thanks very much
  • zazamalek
    For VR you are required to have AOE DoT DPS abilities to be able to solo; it's a long way off if you are just starting out but keep it in mind (a.k.a. think about leveling destro staff at some point).
  • disexistencenub19_ESO
    For my sorc healer, I used daedric curse on my bar with the faster explosion morph and crystal shards with the instant cast morph. The other spot changed between lightning bolt execute ability, lightning form which I use now, or one of the heals. The last two spots were always heals, changing stuff out every once and a while to get the morphs. This was until level 15.

    Now, with weapon swap, I keep the majority of my heals on one bar, and my offense on the other. When I turn in quests, I usually swap to my heal set. I do not use two weapons, just resto staff in both swaps. At least for now.

    I've had a heavy investment in magicka based talents, as it helps both aspects, damage or heals.
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