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Crafting question...

Guys and gals,
I'm new to this so hopefully I can rely on your good natures to assist me during my wander through a what if question :)

I've created a spreadsheet (bottom of page), which for the most part is pretty manual, but gives me an idea on what items I have meeting the crafting traits so I can plan times etc. What i'm wondering is... is there a way to challenge the ESO Db server and get my information directly? The information I would need would be:
* Crafting Skills
* Character Items - Apparel and Weapons
* Bag Items - Apparel and Weapons
* Bank Items - Apparel and Weapons
* Item Db for information on the bag and bank items i.e. trait, name, item type, general cost to vendor, etc
* Crafted Db - items I've already researched

The idea would be to knit these together so I click one button after naming a character and it fills in a spreadsheet, letting me know what I have and can learn, but more importantly what duplicates I can sell... hope it makes sense :smiley:
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  • Emagenation
    Or... a UI that could grab all the info I needed and spit it into a text file would be great :smile:
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