Is there a way to save my addon settings?

Ok this is pissing me off. Every time there is an update for an addon or the game I lose all my addon settings.

Is there a way to either save my settings or replicate my settings to all characters so at least I don't have to manually keep changing the settings on all 8 characters?

This is time consuming and really silly. Thanks
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    After messing around for a while with the .lua files of the add-on's I think I managed to find a way to copy my add-on settings across all toons though I haven't been able to test it as my internet connection is poor. Bit tedious but not as much as having to change them all with every character.

    1. Create and log on to your new character with the add-on installed. Exit the game.
    2. Go to "C:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables"
    3. Open the .lua file of the add-on with Notepad
    4. You will see a list with your character names. Find the character which you have configured the settings for (can use Ctrl + F)
    5. Copy the text from the line below the character's name all the way until you reach the next character's name
    6. Find your new character that you want to apply the settings to.
    7. Highlight the text from the line below your new character's name until you reach the next character's name and replace it by pasting the text copied before
    8. Save and exit notepad
    9. Test it out.
    10. Repeat for other characters

    I also found a bit of coding at the top of SOME of the setting files that may enable you to apply settings to all character's for that add-on. You can try this by pasting the "AccountWide" command under where it has your account name and then posting your configured settings below that i.e.

    " ["@Account-Name"] =
    ["$AccountWide"] =
    ["myconfiguredsetting1"] = 0.400000,"

    Again haven't tried this and might not get to for a while so if someone could take a look if this works and report back that would be great! If it works, I might even have a go at making an add-on to do this if i get time.

    Have fun!
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