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What is this health bar addon?


I am referring to the bar at the top... I have no problem with the default UI other than the lack of info... I just want there to be text over my bars to display actual numbers.

Is that part of the interface mod this person is using or something else?

I am tying to find an addon that simply places xxxx/xxxx text over all of the bars (my own bars and the enemy health bar)... Does anyone know of such a thing?

Thank you.
  • Hakoke
    Foundry Tactical Combat. Link for your convenence.

    Edit: Sorry, just read the rest of you post. It might be this one. Its called Azurah Interface Enhanced. I have it, but only for the option to move the default UI around, but I do think it has options for text on top of the health bar.
    Edited by Hakoke on April 14, 2014 7:15PM
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