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Unknow error to whom it happens too?

When I enter/leave a dungeon or otherwise travel between areas. As soon as a loading screen appears, im just get disconnected with an an unknown error has occurred
  • mikko.alandereb17_ESO
    I get these errors too. But. I kinda find a solution, if you are willing to spend some money.

    I use a mobile broadband (LTE) connection. I live in Finland and my ISP is Elisa/Saunalahti. I believe my connection is behind NAT3 and I do not get a static IP.

    I rented a VPN connection from IPredator once again, since I had issues with Wildstar too.

    And now I am able to play again without errors.
    Edited by mikko.alandereb17_ESO on April 11, 2014 11:03PM
  • aleksikion
    I'm stil have that problem no matter what i did and the support dont answer me already 24hours
  • aleksikion
    Just got mail from zos I am really sorry for your issue with The Elder Scrolls Online. I will be forwarding this to our specialized department in order to be further investigated. Thank you for your patience, we will do everything in our means to sort this out. what that suppose to mean got about 3 mail like that and they never response me
  • N0madS0uL
    Same drama this side, its packet loss between them and us but oddly it only happens with them and not other games so...
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