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ESO Marketplace Forums? - Also, WTB Variety of Items lol.

Just wondering if anyone has found a good forum for buying and selling in game items/materials/etc? Because of the way that the buying and selling is handled in game, I think a forum where people could list WTB/WTS threads would be highly beneficial.

That said, since I have not found anything good - Here is my WTB list. Please COD to @bruggles, you can add the shipping fee to my offer listed below!

Daedra Hearts & Copper - 500g Each

Hickory/Yew/Birch & Fel/Topgrain/Iron Hide - 2000g/2250g/2500g per stack (respectively)

Woodworking & Clothing Items (For Deconstruction, Stats do not Matter aside from Item Level):
Any Green Higher than level 30 - 250g
Any Blue Higher than Level 30 - 700g
Any Purple Higher than Level 30 - 1250g
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