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error 209 patchmanifesterror_versionfail

I play succesfully on the north american server but also have the need and desire to be able to play on the euro server. When I try to run the euro server I get this error message. error 209 patchmanifesterror_versionfail unable to determine current version please run the game consultant tool
I did that consultant thing but it didn't help.

note that this didn't work at all until I copied the entire game folder contents into the special EU eso folder thats created when you try to go to eu server just once. {I did that cause it wouldn't work period and this was suggest as a solution so you don't have to also download 22 plus gigs twice for no reason.}

Anyone else able to access both servers and if so what's the trick? Thanks!
  • bigdave1710
    I'm having the same issue. I have contacted customer support and waiting for assistance.
  • MyForumName
    I got it working just took a while. The eu server also has issues.
  • Reymas
    I got it working just took a while. The eu server also has issues.

    How? I am now getting this error, is it because NA servers are still down perhaps?
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  • yynderjohn
    Soul Shriven
    same, just got the error and now trying to repair...sigh
  • Maestro_Sartori
    Same version failed and now repair.
  • JoLeSi
    I'm getting this message having never chosen EU server at all. This appeared after today's patch. I'm confused because it allowed me to play for about 10 minutes before kicking me off only to show me this. It ran through repair verify once, but still resulted in the same message. Now I can't even get it to repair again. *sigh*
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  • sixstoriesunder_ESO
    Ran into the same problem. Did exactly what it said to do in the Known Technical Issues topic to fix it, now I have to wait while it basically downloads the entire game again...
  • lordrichter
    To anyone else reading this thread before acting...

    Just restart the launcher until the problem goes away.

    It will come back. When it does.... Just restart the launcher until the problem goes away.

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  • TheodenKing
    Soul Shriven
    Ive had the same problem with error 209 coming up. I just logged out for a hour and now I can log back in
  • Fudgeismade
    Soul Shriven
    Closing and reopening the launcher is the solution (as stated above). I repaired, then reinstalled (wasting half a damn day of playtime) only to discover that the problem was still there and the solution was simple. lol :(

    Close and open your launcher, i'm sure they'll fix it soon.
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