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Alliance War FAQ!

PvP & Combat Lead
After the first few days of ESO being live, we’ve seen a number of questions about Cyrodiil, campaigns, and how the Alliance War works crop up. Here are some answers to shed some light on those common questions.

Q: How do I get into Cyrodiil?
A: When you reach level 10, you can open the Alliance War panel by pressing the “L” key and choosing a campaign from the campaign listings. You can pick a home campaign or a guest campaign. Home campaigns provide you with bonuses based on how your alliance is doing in that campaign. Guest campaigns allow you to play in other campaigns—for instance, to join friends who play in a different campaign. During launch, you can switch your home and guest campaigns once every 12 hours independently of each other, but note that switching your home campaign costs 15,000 Alliance points.

Q: My campaign appears to be locked. Does that mean I can't get in or choose it as my home?
A: When a campaign is listed as locked for your alliance, that means that its population for that alliance is at or near the cap. You can still choose it as your home or guest campaign and can still enter it, but if the population is full you’ll be put in a queue. If you're looking for a fight, try joining a campaign that shows a medium or high population for enemy alliances!

Q: My guest campaign and home campaign are full. How can I play in Cyrodiil?
A: If you are grouped with a player in a campaign that is not your home or guest campaign, you can still join that player. In the campaign listing, you’ll see an indicator for the campaigns your group members are in, and you can join them.

Q: How do I get Alliance Points?
A: Alliance Points can be earned by killing players, healing players, capturing keeps and resources, defending keeps and resources, and from alliance mission boards.

Q: How do I get rewarded by keeps and resources?
A: All keeps and resources (farms, lumber mills, and mines) have a bonus pool that fills up during a fight. This pool increases in value as players are slain in the area near that keep or resource. When it’s is captured, attackers are rewarded the alliance points from the pool. If it’s defended by the alliance that owns it, the pool is distributed to the defenders when combat has died down.

Q: How do I get XP in Cyrodiil?
A: Killing players, capturing keeps and resources, completing mission board assignments, killing enemy NPCs, finishing town daily quests, and good old fashioned cave diving are all ways to earn XP in Cyrodiil.

Q: How many PvP Ranks are there?
A: There are 50 total ranks, with 25 grade one and grade two titles.

Q: What do PvP Ranks give me?
A: Each time you earn a PvP rank, you get a skill point. Every other rank, you earn a title. Also note that some higher-end PvP gear is rank restricted.

Q: What happens at the end of a Campaign?
A: First and foremost, the status of all keeps and resources remains unchanged, and the zone doesn't "shut down." You keep right on fighting in the territory you're in without interruption. What does happen, however, is the scores reset to 0 and leaderboards reset. Depending on how well your alliance did (whether they were first, second, or third) and what reward tier you earned (one, two, or three), you will be rewarded a large sum of gold! Your placement on the leaderboards can net you rewards at the end of campaigns as well.

Q: My campaign has an emperor that's in an enemy alliance. How do we dethrone them?
A: If all six keeps around the Imperial City are taken from the alliance with the emperor, that emperor is deposed. If all six happen to be taken by a single alliance, they will crown their own emperor! We've already had a few emperors crowned and deposed ... once in Auriel's Bow in the same day!

Q: Are you all done building Cyrodiil or will there be any PvP updates?
A: There will be plenty of updates to Cyrodiil as the game lives on. There are already plans for the first few patches!

Q: How do I exit Cyrodiil?
A: The Wayshrine at your alliance’s entry location can be used to exit Cyrodiil to any of the Wayshrines you've unlocked before. You cannot recall or fast travel out of Cyrodiil unless you use those Wayshrines.
ESO PVP Lead & Combat Lead
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