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Official Discussion Thread for "Essential ESO Tips"

  • Malaari
    Soul Shriven
    Please allow people to search for an item in the guild store by name. Nobody likes scrolling through 20 pages to find a certain "of magika" armor.

    Allow us to sort inventory by rarity, type, level. Also a lot of people wear 2 sets of armor, 1 for dps and 1 for healing for example, it would be nice if you created an inventory reserve slot so when I change gear I don't have to scroll through 60 odd items to find my healing set or my dps set.

    Couldn't agree more! This should really be high priority :)
  • Malaari
    Soul Shriven
    I have a small request for the developers, and that is please do not turn this game into another WoW or SWTOR childrens game where even the dumbest players are guaranteed to "win", i like it when games are a challenge, and i like that not all classes/combos can solo everything.
  • MrGlad8
    You have to stop the little "exploit" that happens 24/7 in all public dugeons!
    The end-boss drops quite nice items.. and that end-boss spawns every time 1 new player enter that dungeon, but everyone can kill the boss every time he spawns!
    I guess everyone is doing this to farm potions, souldhards and gold/items.. but this will ruin the in-game economy eventually, don't you agree?

    I'd say you need to change it so that when you kill the end-boss in a public dungeon the second time you wont get any loot !
  • nhisso
    Give us the ability to search for stuff in guild stores by name and/or stats.. I can't believe this isn't an option. Zeni. believed it would be cool to have trade guilds and what not so there is no AH. I dig it; I love it. But it's ridiculous I have to search through 100s upon 100s of items to find something. What's up with that lol?
  • nhisso
    Also, can you at least give us some ideas on upcoming content? The Thieve's guild and a justice system coming "sometime after launch" is as vague as can be. I'm not even asking for a precise ETA; just a "we would like to add 'x' or 'y' by June, but cannot guarantee we will" or something like that. In addition, what ideas are you guys practically certain on that we will eventually have in the game? Will we get different classes or new skills? What about hybrid classes? Right now, if you want a melee character or archery character, you have to choose a class that has magic-based skills. Redguards don't like magic. The amount of skills for melee/archery is really tiny. Making mages (or any character, really) use staves for fire and ice (unless you go templar) is odd, too. If I want the cool sorc. skills, I have to use staves for fire and ice and "disease/poison"? What? That is so weird. Otherwise, I can be a Templar who has ONLY fire skills and an odd magical spear, which I assume were once for a spear-weapon skill line and then turned in to a magic skill line instead. (because you guys don't get 1000s of letters/emails asking for spears to come back to the ES world or anything :P )

    I hope that we have hybrid classes, or some kind of way to mix skills from the classes. I realize that could make someone very OP, but there are ways to keep that from happening. Basically, archery, melee, and stealth-melee classes need to exist without needing magic-based-classes (besides invisibility for a stealth class). I dunno. I just think the classes leave a lot to be desired. Love the game, will keep playing it, but I think we need more options for play style. I don't want to have red, magical daggers on my stealthy archery character. I don't want to have to be a Nord or Redguard who has a bunch of magic-abilities. That's fine if others do, but I know Im not the only one who wants melee/archery/stealth melee and archery chars who are not limited to the measly amount of weapon skills we have access to while having 15+ (because of morphs) magical skills. I hope we start seeing some communication over future content, soon.
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  • Weevah
    Under "Grouping and Guilds" the second paragraph should read:

    "When you reach level 12, you can take on tough bosses and earn great loot with three other players in your first group dungeon. Note that experience gain while killing monsters in dungeons has been disabled."

    Zenimax, unless you intend to re-enable dungeon kill exp?
  • cabrra

    First of all I would like to say that the game is awesome. The little bugs are normal in a game of this size.

    I read some good ideas about the guild bank and I have something to ask. Make a system to control the bank withdraw. I mean put some restriction or requisite to withdraw stuff. I ask this because people enters to guilds and no do nothing but use the bank as a personal craft store. I know that programming this would take a while and a bunch of memory ( I am a programmer :P)

    Another important point is the auction house... It is necessary.

    Finally, I noticed that bosses around the map are hard if you go solo but they are ridiculously easy if you go with more people. If you could do something to adjust the boss difficulty depending on the number of players and levels that there are... For example the other day a lvl 10 player beat a dolmen because he was with me (and my party).

    Thank you for your time!!

    P.S: I hate server maintenance on Saturdays D:
  • logan.falletta_ESO
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    I'd like to submit a TFS item to add a spawn timer to a mob in Obsidian Gorge. Whenever the mob dies, it will instantly spawn another. This is causing bots/farmers to come in the area. I completely understand the game is new and you'll be releasing interations to fix these commons issues. Thanks for you help and you guys are doing great!

    In conclusion, I'd like to also suggest adding cords to your map and "Interact" function for your companions/pets as you currently have for player interactions.

    cords: http://i60.tinypic.com/6fvbih.jpg

    Logan Falletta
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  • sami1972
    Soul Shriven
    Great game so far! Can we get minimap added to UI, constant opening of big map is getting on my nerves. =)

    Broker system and damage numbers could also be useful.
  • DrPainZA
    MehmetCan wrote: »
    The reason for using a bank is to store valuable items. in ESO banks are just crating material storage. Please fix it. We want to keep some special armor, weapon and vanity items on bank.

    Crafting materials shouldn't use any "bank or inventory space".

    I have a 80 slot bank right now and I spent every single gold coin for my bank/inventory storage. All of those 80 bank slots are used for crafting materials. And, I still have different types of other materials to store. I had to create a mule character just for keeping crafting materials.

    Well nobody said you have to use it for that. I love the feature. Why would I have to constantly run between my bank and crafting stations because people use it for something else. Personally I love the feature.
    "I don't have the time or the crayons to explain it to you"
  • FezzikVizzini
    My best tip:

    Cancel your sub and try to get a refund.
    Yeah, I got a PC. I just don't feel the need to post it's specifications for an ego boost.
  • ignatz22
    GreenTara wrote: »
    Any way to make or deconstruct rings and necklaces?

    I have found Mage Vendors outside the Mages' Guilds who sell amulets and rings; I know, not the same, but it's something... :s

  • ignatz22
    Vorpedagel wrote: »
    Hello there,

    I wasn't quite sure of the best place to post this so I thought I'd leave it here.
    I'm Dave and I'm representing the Guild The Ebonheart Pact and I'm proposing a few ideas on behalf of the guild that we feel may benefit the game and and make a more enjoyable experience as a whole.


    Below is a few things in our opinion would help in guild structure and management:

    More guild rank options
    This would make it easier to delegate different positions to cover a wide range of aspects in the guild (such as PvP commanding, dungeon organising, trading administration etc). If guild members of a higher standing had their own unique ranks and permissions to organise certain areas it would be easy for the guild to see who they need to get in contact with.

    Guild Tabard
    Will add a bit of graphical representation of the guild. People will one to know the guild at a glance (if it is of considerable size).

    Guild information tab
    We'd like for there to be just a touch more room in the guild description section, there is ALMOST enough room there to provide a succinct description.

    Guild store
    If more selling slots could be unlocked after completing something in the game I feel that would encourage the use of the guild store for players buying and selling.

    Guild rewards and awards
    A nice little perk would be having guild rewards available after members gain points for the guild from completing objectives, or have the rewards available for purchase as some sort of game coin-sink (for example 5% increased chance to gain an additional iron ore when mining an iron ore node etc) just to add a little more guild presence in the game.
    Customisable awards would be an amazing addition as many players are achievement hunters and seeing a little medal pop up to add to their collection can be very satisfying for some.


    Below I have included a few things that would be some interesting changes to the game overall.

    Player name and guild floating above player
    If there was an option to have these implemented it would give a sense of identity, and to promote positive behaviour if a player is representing their guild.

    Floating chat
    Above players when they're talking so when you're in an area having a chat, it feels more like a conversation rather than an impersonal chat over a web server.

    An option to change chat mouse-scrolling to scroll by line rather than scroll by sentence/post so that spammers with a massive spam post can be easily identified (sometimes if the spam is massive when you scroll up it skips the spammers name altogether).

    Player moderators
    Giving a few selected trustworthy players this position to provide them with temporary mutes and priority reporting (and nothing else, should be no in-game advantage whatsoever). These players should be easily identified by using something like a chat symbol to represent that they are available to help anyone with a non-game content related issue. This will also make them easily identifiable so that if they are abusing their position they can be easily dealt with.

    Guild Chat
    The option to use character name OR account name. A lot of players like to be identified by the uniqueness of their character name and I know most would prefer this for guild chat.

    Player profile
    Accessible in-game, shows things like achievements, map completion %, rank in guild and so forth.

    This is all we've (our guild) discussed so far but we're always tossing ideas around and we'd like to hear some community input! So if you disagree with some of these, comment and let is know why, and if you have more ideas that would have a positive impact on the game, feel free to add them as well!

    Best of luck to everyone enjoying the game so far,

    - Dave

    Ok, perhaps I'm not with the Group here, but whenever you segment the population you exclude anyone new, not at your level and inexperienced. If you say that's what you WANT, go for it, but be aware that many of us came from Skyrim and appreciated the single player experience. We don't WANT public ratings and labels, we just want a casual way to enjoy the game when we have the time. I know there needs to be a hardcore area for hardcore players, but I assumed PvP would be that sort of thing. If you intend only to segment and delineate within a voluntarily-chosen area, Go For It.
    ...But please know World of Tanks loses players because they publically post player statistics, meaning anyone who actually learned the mechanics without the "power-Leveling" and "premium" benefits has a lower score and is effectively excluded from Clan invitations.

  • Bubbamcbubba
    Soul Shriven
    You guys should have better business sense, If you want to attract MORE people to the game and especially those from World of Warcraft you should be more intelligent and NOT have maintenance on the same day as WOW. If you have your servers up while theirs are down you will most likely have people try the game if for no other reason than boredom. With as good as this game is, I'd bet you that some if not most of those that play it will more than likely stay with it. So please in the future have more brains than to take down your servers the same time as they do. I personally don't want more players it's pretty packed now, but from a purely business stand point you guys are screwing up.
  • Aoife32001
    One "small" addition to the game that I think many would enjoy (roleplayers, at least) would be to have a text window to insert a character biography. Perhaps other players could also access and read it when right-clicking on the player. Something along the lines of what was done in Star Trek Online.

    Anyway, great game so far and I look forward to playing ESO for a long while to come :)
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  • Psychic_Kitty
    hmm...some tips.

    Ok....um... first tip....search everything and take everything.

    second tip....get more pack space and bank space asap....and even then it wont be enough.

    third tip....be prepared to be full inventory a lot..cant be helped

    4th tip......don't bother making higher level potions...ie using high level craft ingredients....as it doesn't matter....the level of the potion only means a higher level can only use it and nothing more.....thus its best to just stay in low level areas and make low level versions....even healing potions still only heal the exact same amount no matter the level.
    <example...level 1 invisibility lasts 3 seconds, level 10 invisibility lasts 3 seconds...level 30 invisibility lasts....you guessed it....3 seconds.>(probably don't want to waste your time with an invisibility potion anywise...its kind of waste as it doesn't do much...develepoers of this game do not like stealth or sneaking or invisibility of any kind...they only like fighters and judging by how much work they put into blocking and shield design they like fighters with shields a little too much)

    5th tip...this is not like the other elder scrolls game....your character in this online game is about 1/10th as strong as your characters from those other games....and will never get much stronger. So don't be alarmed by the simple fact you cant kill many things in less then 2 or 3 hits ever.

    6th tip....the higher the level the weapon the more damage it does and the higher cost to repair its durability. This is this games catch 22....the more damage you do....the more durability you lose and need repairs....thus as you level and get better equipment you end up spending more and more.
    Eventually you will find at the highest levels you don't make enough gold to repair things you use to get it. So the tip is to just use throw away weapons....maybe keep a set of good weapons in your bank....but its best to not rely on them...all due to the durability system on this game.

    7th tip....don't be surprised by exploits and cheats and a lot of other of the same sorts of things. The people who made this game do not have a GM in the game world checking things and they tried to make pvp a big important thing while weakening the player characters. Thus these types of thing always bring out the worst in players...thus you will find them cheating and exploiting just to find a way to bypass the bad balancing or to simply constantly win at pvp.
    Not a great combination of things done by the people who made this game. But don't forget....you have the power to report all of the bad behavior....so its up to the players to try to keep a reign on things.

    There are some tips, should be helpful...most people who have played many other games will probably know all these already and have already noticed them.....so I guess this is for the players, who maybe only played the elder scrolls games and not an online game before.

  • LunaRae
    ESO Essential tips - would have been nice to include a section on how to get self-help. Also, it may be a bit extreme but a picture is worth a thousand words. I'd consider for future articles creating very brief YouTube videos to coincide with whatever is being explained. Like lockpicking - I know a ton of guild members who struggle to understand the concept until they can visibly see it happening (or having someone explain the process). Would have been great to see it in action and posted on your article.
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  • Rexo
    I have found that the emperor title may not be earned for the right reasons.

    Now you may shake your head and be confused. But I have found that a player that could be far more skilled, be a better leader in pvp and would still not ever be able to achieve the emperor title. A person who does not work or has far more time then others who may be not skilled at all could simply spend all there time in Cyrodiil and claim the title. I myself work 60 hours a week sometimes and don't always have time to play.
    My love and dedication for the game is just as great as others, but even if I was the most skilled player in the world I don't find it possible for me to even compete for the title of emperor and I have found others who are in the same situation. As for most pvpers out there, becoming emperor is our ultimate dream and a goal we all strive for.. but for me and plenty of others it will only remain a dream. Not because of our skill level or possible leadership but because of something as stupid as time. I don't know if there is anything you could do but if there is something to maybe help out those who love ESO but have to think of their jobs and families first. Give everyone a chance to truly compete for the ultimate pvp reward! EMPEROR
  • ImaginaryDimension
    Am I the only one who would like to be a pet shop and different mounts besides horses? I'd like to buy a "tamed daedric raptor" or a "tamed lion" as mounts.
  • Psychic_Kitty
    Am I the only one who would like to be a pet shop and different mounts besides horses? I'd like to buy a "tamed daedric raptor" or a "tamed lion" as mounts.

    Actually if you want to be honest...we should not have horses anywise.

    The game world is filled with too many spiders and dangerous creatures that can kill a horse in 1 or two hits.....so in essence there shouldn't even be horses in this game. They couldn't live out there.

    Also you wont find any wild ones anywhere..so they are kind of a non-existent thing that should have never been put in.

    Horses are an example of a sewn in item....as in the people who are in charge of the game lore....wanted a way to explain people traveling....nothing more...nothing less.

  • williamcurrier_ESO
    I see a lot of people not sure if this is the right section to post there post in, and who can blame them. The forums are lacking.

    First of all I speak English, there is no reason I would ever want to see any other languages. Maybe there are some who speak more than one language and want to see more than one, make it an option(that is not on by default).

    Secondly why is there no "Suggestion" "Feedback" section in here? Instead everyone needs to pig tail off some other thread to ask or suggest something.

    So I was just reading the post on taking action against cheaters and gold sellers it was posted on the 9th of April. It states you have banned thousands of accounts. Well to be honest I have not logged on to the game for a couple days now as it just felt not to fun lately. I have personally reported over 250 Gold Sellers and Botters.(have all the auto response emails to prove it)
    I log back in this evening reluctantly, with in 5-10 minutes of being in game there was over 100 gold spam messages in chat 2 gold spam emails and 1 golds spam guild invite. Not feeling the urge to report them anymore as it seems to not do much good I decide to go play a little bit and just ignore chat. The very first dungeon I go in has 8 bots camping the boss. I logged out went to account page and made sure I am not set up for reoccurring payments.

    It is truly unfortunate. I understand things are not always real simple. I will tell you this though, If I was running this game at this moment, I would have every extra man and woman working overtime if needed. I would have 50 or so GM's in game watching boss spawns for botters, and watching chat for gold sellers and banning there accounts instantly.
    How in the world can you not have at least 5 GM's in there banning gold sellers 24 hours a day?
    Anyhow this may be the last post you see from me for a while, Maybe not depending on what happened before my free month runs out. I do hope things improve drastically and soon.
    Thanks for listening(if you are)
    Thanks CyberKnight
  • Jeffersson
    Got any tips on when we can expect a security key authenticator?
    Preferably as a free app on iPhone/Android?
    I've noticed that there is a lot of cheaters and goldsellers in ESO and I would hate do get my account stolen...
  • sweetfingrandir
    I live in the UK, there are no wild horses here, only domesticated ones for riding. Game Lore could state that horses evolved their defence systems against spiders, but all wild ones killed off and the only ones that live now are the ones bred by stable masters etc. Easy.

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    Exploring the wonderful word of ESO.
  • sweetfingrandir
    I think for now the things I would like to see are;

    1. A mini map in the UI
    2. No Npcs right near discovered Lorebooks. I do read these if I have time, but if an Npc attacks you, you can't finish the read.
    3. To be able to send mail to my other alts. I know there is the bank ofc, but if u find a nice item that would work for an alt, it would be nice to send it direct through mail to it.
    4. In game voice channel. I know people use TS, but in Cyrodil especially sometimes you need to use voice directions and to be able to do this when grouped would enrich the experience.
    5. To be able to see all the alts of those on my friends list.
    6. An in game barbar to change hairstyles (somebody in zone said there is one but didn't know where it was) It could be at a market in every town.
    7. Improve the flag that shows where your team mates are. A small white V on a map with many white symbols can be hard to find. Make it bigger when far away from them and scale it down when closer and a nice visible colour such as green.

    I love the game btw, enjoy the Pve content and Pvp a lot. But these are just a few things I would like to see implemented as they would make it an even more greater and awesome game experience. Thanks.
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    Exploring the wonderful word of ESO.
  • Cogo
    All suggestions are always good for a game. But seriously people? Can you come up with ONE suggestion that isn't a copy from World of Warcraft.

    If you did not realize it, this game is almost the opposite of WoW, in most ways.

    I have to say my piece about all who wants more bag/bankspace, be able to mail to alts etc.

    This game is made so your hero can not carry around on 10 big heavy 2H swords, lots of mats and different sets of gear AND be able to fight in combat!!!

    The inventory space is good as it is. I would even want to see a raise in the gold cost for it.

    The reason that every single player have to choose what to carry and what not, makes the game BETTER.

    Zenimax, please do listen to suggestions/feedback, but do not listen to these constant copies if World of warcraft features.

    I play ESO every day now (used to play WoW daily, needed the raid itch) for the PRIME reason that EsO is a new way to do things AND Eso is NOT WoW.

    As long as you keep develop the game as it has, DON'T give in to whiners, you will have a paying customer right here for possible years to come.
    And I do not think I am alone in my view.....
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  • Restylt
    The main thing they should focus now on is ingame admins who can punish the bots on sight, that would be a great improvement for a lot of people :smile:
  • Cherryblossom
    My tip would be read the title of a Forum Thread before adding irrelevant information..............
  • Cherryblossom
    My next Tip would be for a Mod to remove any details on this thread that are not a TIP!
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