Why choose light armor?

Aside from those that like the aesthetics of light armor, why would anyone choose to wear it if it ultimately does not offer the player the same degree of defense as medium or heavy armor?

Perhaps, I'm overlooking something, but since everything can have any enchantment the player needs on any piece of armor, how does it benefit a player to go with light armor?
  • Raeph
  • rrockw_ESO
    Well there are points that can be spend to reduce magica cost (or is it to make regeneration faster?)... That could be a reason...
  • Mortuum
    Look at armor passive skills, light armor is all about magicka regen, medium is stamina and stealth, while heavy is all about defences, health regen and spell resistance.
    Depending on class/playstyle you should be able to pick type of armor which will help you most, or mix 2 or even 3 different kinds of it to get best sett up and bonuses for your character.
  • Haxnschwammer
    There are some advantages that comes with light armor like enhanced magicka regenration, reduced spell cost (21%?) 50% spell resistance (don't know the exact number here), ignore enemys spell resistance by 42% ... that's not that bad... of course you need to invest one or another skill point.
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  • Nightpulse
    Well the light armour passives, particularly useful for magicka heavy builds, the defensive loss can be made up by some armour increasing skills such as bound armour.
  • Relyk04
    Ahh now that makes sense. Thanks guys.
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