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What REALLY happened to the servers (so people stop asking)

The PTS went online at 5:30pm ET today, and quite soon after that, the players realized that any characters they created on the PTS were getting onto the Live server, even template characters with 3600CP and billions in gold and trillions more in loot. Character deletions were also replicated, so characters deleted on the PTS to make space for new template characters were also deleted on Live. Gear transfers between characters were also replicated, which could only mean one thing:

The PTS and NA-Live databases were mixed up, and the PTS server was actually using the NA-Live database.

I had a blast on stream and in group investigating the issue and speculating, and I haven't had more fun in weeks (I'm saying the Anniversary Event isn't fun).

A server rollback will happen, back to at least just before the PTS servers came online. I doubt there would be any account-specific rollbacks, as all that gold and gear could have been mailed and traded around in the 1 hour between the PTS server going online and the Live server going down.

Anyone who has acquired an event style page with their hard work and dedication will most likely have their styles rolled back. ZOS might do an audit on who has those style pages looted legitimately and grant them retroactively after the rollback, but just in case, I hope you have screenshots of your loot so customer support might be convinced to grant you those style pages back.

And now, a message to ZOS:

This may be a mess-up of potentially massive proportions, but whatever you do, I beg you, do not take disciplinary action against the employee(s) responsible for the mistake. This is a mistake any human can make in the hubbub of game development, and if you fire them, you'd have wasted that money on teaching a lesson that won't be used. Besides, you guys are no strangers to rolling the server back and resetting a few hours of progress; no harm, no foul.

This is a development pipeline issue, not human error.
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