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What's the best looking motifs ?

In your opinion of course,

What's best for amour ?

What's the best weapon ones?
  • MidniteOwl1913
    Any armour styles without hip flaps, I hate those things. Not a fan of the diapers either but I can put up with those. The floating shiny things at my hips are a nope.
  • vsrs_au
    Ideally, motifs with shoulder items that are actually ON the shoulders, instead of hovering well above them, and similarly for any other items that don't attach properly.
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  • AuroranGoldenEagle
    Militant Ordinator, Ebonsteel, Y'ffre's Will and the crate-only Potentate style are all aesthetically pleasing motifs IMO
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  • FeedbackOnly
    Any armour styles without hip flaps, I hate those things. Not a fan of the diapers either but I can put up with those. The floating shiny things at my hips are a nope.

    What about weapons
  • HowlKimchi
    Second Legion is the best looking chest for me. Very basic look without hip flaps. Also, the shirt goes past the waist which looks so relaxed. Like why does 90% of the shirts here need to be tucked in lol.

    See my character wearing it here:
    previously @HaruKamui but I outgrew my weeb phase (probably)

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  • Springey
    My personal favorites are Elder Argonian, Dead-Water, Honor Guard, Sunspire, Nobility in Decay and Pyre Watch

    But like someone here already mentioned, screw the random and floating thigh armor…
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  • Destai
    I'd say the High Isle and Galen motifs are the strongest. I've gotten the most mileage out of the Systres Motif, but all of them are used across multiple characters for me. They dye well, they're not super flashy or high fantasy, just solid neutral motifs.
  • Michaelkeir
    - Ascendant Knight
    - House Mornard
    - Order of the Lamp
    - Red Rook Bandit **
    - Scribes of Mora
    - Fang Lair **

    Red Rook Bandit is especially satisfying for its appearance. The hood even more so. Looks so nice on my Nightblade. It gives off a Rogue or Thief vibe.

    Fang Lair is another top pick for my necromancers. The moment I saw those NPC necromancers in that dlc dungeon I knew I wanted that look along with the personality and the glowing Fang Lair skin. It’s what pushed me to really learn how to tank vet content in game just to be able to get the achievement for the skin/personality.
  • BetweenMidgets
    I really enjoy a lot of pieces of the Shield of Senchal - chest in particular. The actual SHIELD from this is also IMO the BEST looking shield in the game.
  • Cazador
    For me its shields of senchal, dragonguard, jazenzi siir (probably spelt wrong) and silver rose
  • I_killed_Vivec
    Real warriors wear Daedric.

    I don't know what's best for popinjays...
  • NoTimeToWait
    I am a sucker for OG glass armor, so it's Buoyant Armiger for me.

    For the sword I like Opal Ilambris Sword
  • huntgod_ESO
    I'm fond of Ancient Daedric on my main and it's one you don't see a lot.
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  • Gaebriel0410
    A very hard choice as I think ESO's fashion game is top notch, it depends on the character for me, since what looks great on one might look wrong on another.

    But overall I love the various knightly and witchy styles!

    Some examples are Breton, House Dufort, Circle Knight, Silver Rose, House Mornard, Oaken Order, Y'ffre's Will, Knight-Aspirant, Ascendant Knight, Ebonsteel Knight, Glenmoril Wyrd, etc. etc. etc.

    My favourite shield is the Covenant Banner Bearer shield, my favourite swords are Wolf of Solitude and Circle Knight, there's a bunch of great ones but I will probably never change those for my main char.. .

    Best helmet award goes to the House Dufort helm, it is perhaps the best helmet I have ever seen in any MMO.
    Their helmet designers have really knocked it out of the park in recent years, I tend to not like plate helmets at all in most MMO's but ESO is a sharp contrast to that!
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    This is a loaded question because there's so many styles in ESO I love, and my favorites are very much dependent on which of my characters I'm styling for.

    I'll say that I love every single motif that came out during the "Elsweyr" era- not only do I love them for the styles themselves, but the quality of these motifs, how the pieces layer together, and the care that went into making the details on them dimensional is something I really loved.

    I also enjoyed how mixing them created cohesive looks, because the dye channels on them were all very much the same, so those particular motif sets don't suffer from the wildly different dye colors quite as much as others tend to.

    The thing that has disappointed me about some of the more recent armor motifs has been that many lack the quality of those made during Elsweyr. We're seeing a plague of armor styles lately that look too flat, and lack dimension, as if they are made of flaps of cardboard rather than metal. The worst part is, they don't even dye like metal, having textures that are more akin to leather. Really wish we could see greater effort put into armor again. (No, I'm not trying to bash- just giving my honest feedback on what they look like and feel like when worn on the character. Many of the recent armor styles feel as if they have no "weight" or dimension to them.)

    But with that being said:

    Other motifs of note I love- Bloodforged, Y'ffre's Will, Fang Lair, Pyre Watch

    Style Pages I love- High Rock Spellsword, Saarthal Scholar, Black Drake Clanwrap

    Special mention to the High Rock Spellsword pants, for being some of the best looking, best fitting all-purpose adventure-wear pants in the game, with no crotch flaps, weird armor pieces, or otherwise strange appendages stuck to them. Bonus points for looking darn good on both men and women. We really need more variations of "clothing" like motifs such as these that provide a simpler, more understated, but still adventurous look.

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  • Gingaroth
    It's diffferent for each character. Some styles/costumes that look amazing on my size XXXL Nord lady look downright stupid on my scrawny Argonian - and vice versa. Also, changing the colors can make a huge difference.

    That said, some my favourites of the armor styles I'm currently using are:
    • Gloamsedge (on my female Khajiit - there's actually a split in the back of the jacket, where her tail is!)
    • Greymore light
    • Ashlander medium
    • Fang lair heavy (on my female Orc necro, I totally agree with @Michaelkeir on that account)
    • Dragonguard medium
    • Blackdrake Clanwrap (currently used with Sea Giant boots, for aesthetic reasons)
    • Bonemold (currently used with Huntsman helmet, for rpg reasons)
    • Imperial medium

    For weapons, I usually stick to the character's racial style (sometimes an ancestral or ancient version of it). I also kept a few quest rewards with emotional value that happened to be of a usefull set. I just dyed them in a color matching the rest of the outfit. Besides that, I use:
    • Opal troll king axes
    • Gloomspore bow (I would also love the staff, but alas! - every time it comes around I'm out of seals)
    • Iceheart frost staff
    • Ancient moon crescent sword (looks like a sickle)
  • barney2525
    currently for my male Breton
    I use the hat with the plume costume and no head armor on oufitter
    Trinimac Jerkin (light) Mostly white with black
    Ancient Nord Guards (medium) looks like chainmail
    Dreadhorn shoes (light) and gloves (light)
    Shoulders - no shoulder in outfitter
    waist - season to preference (not sure what it is and server is currently down)

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