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Mementos not working properly

Soul Shriven
Hi, apologies if this is the wrong category.
I have some issues with mementos, so far only noticed it with two: Hidden Vent and Malacath's Wrathful Flame.
Malacath's Flame doesn't play the initial WHOOSH sound, only the slight fire crackle.
Hidden Vent doesn't deploy the exploding part properly- it stays on the ground and explodes there but also doesn't make the exploding noise.

I tried running repair which didn't help (didn't think it would as this is a completely fresh install on a fresh OS). Not sure what else I can do, and googling for any past issues with this only brings major bugs like all mementos not working at all, or people missing audio (or huge chunks of it like dialogue audio).
Besides those two things I haven't noticed anything else yet.
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