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The Elder Scrolls Online v2.56 (PS4) / v1.38 (PS5) adds unified Cyrodiil Repair Kits to the game and includes bug fixes for an issue involving Mist Form and the Tarnished Nightmare set, several missing coffers from Urgarlag, Monster Mask sets from the new dungeons not being properly curated, some issues relating to siege stacking, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 1GB for PS4 and 600MB for PS5.

Unified Cyrodiil Repair Kits
Cyrodiil Repair Kits have now been unified! Going forward you’ll no longer acquire Siege Repair Kit, Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kit, Keep Door Woodwork, and so on. Now, there’s just a single Cyrodiil Repair Kit that will work on all the structures that used to require individual repair kits. These new kits can be purchased for 250 Alliance Points or 90 gold from various merchants, and can also be found in Rewards for the Worthy.
  • Below are the repair rates for different items:
    • Keep Door – 5,000
    • Keep Wall – 5,000
    • Bridges & Milegates – 5,000
    • Siege Weapon – 20,000
  • Note the old repair kits in your inventory have not changed and will still work as before.


  • Living Death
    • Reanimate
      • Animate Blastbones: Fixed an issue where the Blastbones summoned from this Ultimate were not properly considered class abilities for many bonuses, such as the new Sacrificial Bones functionality.

  • Vampire
    • Mist Form:
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could end earlier than intended.
      • Fixed many issues with the visuals for this ability failing to apply if the ability was animation canceled.

Class Sets
  • Nobility in Decay: Fixed an issue where the Beautiful Corpse buff could appear to other Necromancers as though you were a consumable corpse to them.

Dungeon Sets
  • Tarnished Nightmare: Fixed an issue where this set had unintended effects combined with Magicka Detonation and its morphs.

Monster Masks
  • The Blind: Updated the visual effects on this Monster Mask set to reduce visual impact.


  • Antiquity Leads for the Torc of the Last Ayleid King Mythic item will now drop more reliably.


  • Oathsworn Pit
    • The timer for the achievement “Malacath's Swift Revenge” now correctly starts after engaging the first Recollection members, rather than before.

  • Updated the purchase requirement for the furnishing achievement “Many Paths Monument” to point towards a non-Veteran difficulty level achievement (in this case, Oathsworn Pit Vanquisher).

  • Fixed an issue causing Monster Mask sets from Bedlam Veil and Oathsworn Pit to not respect curation rules.


  • Storm Lord players can no longer grab the Chaosball and retreat back to their spawning area.

  • Fixed an issue causing some older Rewards for the Worthy containers to grant two PvP item sets.

  • Fixed an issue where siege weapons from some sources would not stack.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not place some stacked siege weaponry.

  • Certain NPCs in Sharp-as-Night's introductory quest are no longer in their underwear.

  • Fixed an issue that caused several coffers from Urgarlag to disappear.

Outfit Styles
  • Fixed an issue where armor and weapon styles in the Outfit Station would be stuck listed as unavailable after a death.

  • Fixed an issue where the second floor of Kelesan'ruhn would display the wrong map.
  • Fixed an issue where your character could get stuck on the stairs in Fogbreak Lighthouse.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when logging out or changing areas in the game.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur at the beginning of a loading screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to load character select.

Guild History
  • Made additional improvements to guild history to fix situations where you would encounter endless loading.
  • Fixed an issue where guild history events were missing information that allowed items such as Master Writs to be fully represented.

Help & Tutorials
  • Updated tutorial pop-ups related to Cyrodiil Repair Kits.
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