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Official Discussion Thread, "Daily Login Rewards- April 2024"

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This is the official discussion thread for, "Daily Login Rewards- April 2024"

"Preview some of the in-game items and collectibles you can unlock simply by logging in to ESO this April 2024!"
Edited by ZOS_Kevin on April 12, 2024 5:59PM
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  • kah
    It's not quite as exciting as last month (admittedly, a tough month to top with the crates, dlc, pet, & mount), but it's a solid offering nonetheless. Looking forward to the outfit, seals, and memento especially!
  • TaSheen
    Seals, adorable pet, nice costume - LOVE IT!

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • FlopsyPrince
    I am going to add my request that we get credit for the day even if we forget to pick up on that day. I just missed the final PS5-EU one because I got too busy with wanting to use a specific character to pick it up and thus lost out permanently on the final one for the month.

    I played enough to get all the endeavors and run a character through a full set of event dailies, but I missed that part. That leaves a bad taste, no matter how "easy" it is. The console has lots of "easy" things that take a fair bit of manual effort.
  • BretonMage
    Look at that adorable couple! That just makes me want an emote to dance with or hug our companions <3 Happy with the outfit too.
  • Nissowolf
    honestlu, with my friends, we just want an emote that makes two characters interact with each other
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  • DanteTheDeviant
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    This is the official discussion thread for, "Daily Login Rewards- April 2024"

    "Preview some of the in-game items and collectibles you can unlock simply by logging in to ESO this April 2024!"

    Love the rewards, and the promo couples! Thank you zos! (:

    P.S. I agree with the other commenter, it would be awesome if we could get emotes that allow multiple characters to interact with each other. Would be nice for couples, but also a way to let people play musical instruments synchronized together.
  • MafiaCat115
    It's hard to beat free DLC and crates, but this month is good, too. Thanks!
    Still hoping that one day hair dyeing will be an option. We know it's canon in universe already thanks to a book in the Manor of Masques! (House of Reveries: The Troupe)
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  • Xoz
    Nice stuff!
    Admittedly, I'm more interested in the "sneaky new promotion". :D
    PS4 & PC
  • Shara_Wynn
    I very much like the costume, it is nice and simple. Proper civilian attire. Something one might "go about town in" whilst window shopping at the many guild traders or doing one's daily crafting writs.

    Much appreciate the additional Seals of Endeavors also.
  • AllenaNightWood
    Soul Shriven
    another really good month ZOS really stepping it up with these lately
  • moderatelyfatman
    I really have no issues with the 'boring' daily rewards: I'm getting something for nothing. Unlike other games, having an active subscription is not even a requirement and I can always do with more Crown Tri-pots.
  • Philsings
    Considering it's already the 31st I'm wondering why they didnt just announce the whole month? We are going to see it tomorrow anyway.
  • Finedaible
    I think the offerings are quite nice for this month. Certainly more enticing than previous years.
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