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Infinite Archive should offer Perfected Weapons

See subject line. I've been running vet Vateshran Hollows for the yet to be dropped Ice Staff. Since Infinite Archive rotates out drops why not rotate out Perfect Weapons from VH and Maelstrom Arena and Dragon Star Arena for a large amount of Archive credits, 50,000 or something. We have the weekly Golden Vendor for Monster helms and shoulders so why not add this? I absolutely hate running the same content over and over and over. While IA is the same content over and over at least it varies a little and it doesn't take hours to do an Arc or two.
    Sounds like an cool idea, I defently think the weekly vendor in IA should be updated with a few more weekly rotating items.

    Right now there are furnishing, a treasure map that I can buy for 100 gold in a trader, leads that I can just go out and farm myself if I need them.

    Only half cool thing is the monster style pages, but dosent gives much Joy if you already know the style page.

  • LunaFlora
    that would be awesome
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  • Treeshka
    Well it sounds okay but a lot of people will complain about it.

    But in the end it is an Archive of everything. So merchants there can offer all sort of stuff that players can acquire in game by other means. Such as rare recipes, rare furnishing, weapons and set items. Motifs and such.
  • colossalvoids
    After sticker book and drop curation I fail to see why anything should be made even easier to farm gear/weapon wise.
  • Araneae6537
    Agreed! At least from the solo arenas. It’s not like you’re taking players from groups like if perfected trial or BRP gear was offered. What is the difference to ZOS or anyone else whether I earn a Vateshran S&B in the original arena or in the Archive?
  • Adremal
    I'm not one of those "I can do the content so people who can't shouldn't get the same rewards as I do" because quite frankly it's not something that makes me feel any better, but it'd feel weird, given that MA and VH are solo only. Then again the IA is the same for solo and duo groups which makes no sense whatsoever so there's that. My main concern with the IA is how much of a grind it is already, adding more stuff to it would require an adjustment in the currency drop rate OR the ability to skip to later cycles because honestly oneshotting mobs and killing bosses in 3 seconds isn't fun, it's just a waste of time.
  • sharquez
    I'd say this would be better as an event thing. Double arena/trial drops and curated weapon drops from ARC4+ bosses in Archives. That way you can either do the actual content for twice the reward or do committed EA runs for 1 weapon. During that time it would also drop the sets from Maelstrom DSA and Vateshran (Blackrose and Asylum are just overland so no ty)
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  • jaws343
    The whole point of those weapons is that they are rewards for being able to do that content in the harder difficulties. It would be ridiculous to just arbitrarily give it away in easier content.

    Especially since the sticker book has significantly reduced the number of times needed to run content to get all the gear drops. You will run out of perfected weapons drop in maelstrom and vateshran before you even finished the gear sets that drop there.
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