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any daily quests worth it besides writs?

Nocturne Saint
Nocturne Saint
So I know there is a ton of content in the game through all the chapters and DLC.
I have all the chapters purchased, and i have ESO Plus. so i have access to everything.

I know about consumable writs and the writs for bs, woodworking, and clothing.

but out of all the content, are there any daily quests that are worth it in the long run?
what are the rewards?
  • LunaFlora
    daily delve, incursion, and world boss quests are worth it for the motifs and furnishing plans. you can either sell or use them.

    incursions are Geysers in Summerset, Volcanic Vents in High isle and Galen, and Dragons in Elsweyr.
    Gold Road will add Mirrormoor incursions in June which will likely also have a daily quest.

    daily infinite Archive quest gives Archival Fortunes and a Maligraphic ichor, 50 ichor gives a horse mount.
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