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With all the skill changes for Update 41, Why weren't morph skill points refunded to be reassigned?

Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? A player shouldn't HAVE to come to the forums to find out their tried and tested skills have been radically changed by finding out while in combat! Previous skill changes always came with skill point refunds. Why not this time?
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  • Treeshka
    I remember we got some free respec periods in the past. We should also get an in game notifications for patch notes. Maybe not for full but that highlight important skill and balance changes.
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  • Soarora
    They do this like… 4 times a year. They should have a pop-up with the patch notes though. The patch notes are on the launcher (I think?) but not many people are gonna read them unless they see it in-game as a new window before they can play.
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  • VaxtinTheWolf
    Once upon a time there used to be a message saying your skill/champions were reset. But now there are systems to change your morphs individually instead of wiping the entire character. There is also the armory someone mentioned already, if you have that set up somewhere.

    Maybe they're asking for just the specific abilities that were altered to be refunded? There are some addons that show you a change log when you log in. ZoS proudly had that welcome banner and crown store stuff when you log in too. Why not put another square on it that redirects to the primary Patch Notes of the update?
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  • thorwyn
    You can get a skill reset for a bunch of gold coins, so what's the point?
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  • barney2525
    well, it might come as a shock, but Not All Players agree on Everything. And number Two - The Company does Not read the Minds of Every Individual Player.

    LOTS of players will Not want to change Anything. So Forcing them to lose their morphs (until points are spent again) is Unfair and leaves a negative impression of the game.

    Additionally, the Company has implemented a procedure for Anyone who wants to get their Morph points returned, and respend them some other way. As a matter of Fact, multiple Respec Scrolls have been handed out as Login Rewards in this past month. Save one, and there is No cost to respec, assuming one has not learned how to respec for Free using the Free Armory system.

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  • Stefirex
    So, my point, for those who missed it, is why isn't there an IN GAME notification that your skills have changed, whether it be a reset of skill points or a popup! I shouldn't HAVE to leave the game to find out about a change that has been made. Many game accounts don't even have forum accounts unless they followed the instructions in an email they may or may not have gotten when they signed up for the game. At least one of my 3 accounts never got an email to sign up to the forums. They didn't know the new account was me. Not trying to be argumentative here, but we shouldn't HAVE to discover our defensive skills are no longer defensive in the middle of a combat.
    barney2525 wrote: »
    LOTS of players will Not want to change Anything. So forcing them to lose their morphs (until points are spent again) is Unfair and leaves a negative impression of the game.

    You just made my point! I didn't want to "CHANGE" anything, THEY changed the skills, not me. It's not that hard to refund the morph points in the skills affected. And as you so kindly pointed out, refunded skill points can be replaced by using the same Armory system!
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  • Stefirex
    I'm honestly not bothered by the cost of the respec so much as finding out mid-combat that my damage spells are now buff spells.
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