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Mount sound

I just noticed my Spectral Indrik makes a weird cute sound whenever I told her to jump

Are there other mounts with similar features?
  • Necrotech_Master
    i think most mounts have some unique animation when you use the jump button while not moving
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  • TaSheen
    Yeah, horses neigh, senches roar (or growl, whatever you want to call it). I've never checked wolves and foxes, but probably howls, yaps or yelps. Don't know about any of the heavyweights, never use them.

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  • katanagirl1
    The original mix-ox I got from buying Morrowind way back then jumps instead of neighing, roaring, or howling.
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  • Pixiepumpkin
    The best are camels, using spacebar they will make a grunt and spit :smile:
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  • Jaraal
    The construct mounts raise up and down and flap their "wings." And if you do it enough times, they start smoking and overheat!
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  • g0thiCiCecReaM
    A bunch of the mounts you get from crates have special particle effects that stick around for a little while if you jump while not moving. The Welkynd mounts have a blue glow, Wild Hunt get some leafy effects, Auroran Polychrome have a little spinning galaxy around them, Psijic Exemplar poop rainbows (sort of) while moving... I have a few others I haven't actually tried yet that probably have some effects too.
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