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Yet another idea to make Grave Lord's Sacrifice better - Unique interactions with each necro skill

How about instead of adding a generic and incredibly boring damage buff we have GLS provide unique functionality to each of necro's skills. We already have it doing this for Flame Skull with it adding the ability to generate corpses so why not get even more crazy and creative?

For example have it so Graveyard's synergy can be activated every 10 seconds instead of every 20 while GLS is active. Or while GLS is active you summon 2 skeletons with the Skeleton Mage skill instead of 1. Or let you resurrect 4 allies instead of 3 with Reanimate? Spirit Mender can give you and group members within 36 meters Major Savagery and Prophecy so it synergizes with DKs Igneous Weapons.

Considering that using GLS makes the necro play the same as a DK but with less damage and removes its unique rotation, I think making GLS add weird and interesting effects to your character is something that is very much needed. For the class and for the game as a whole if you ask me, considering how stale the combat has gotten.
  • CameraBeardThePirate
    How about they start by making the skill usable?

    Enemy players shouldn't be able to prevent me from buffing by stunning the blastbones. That's asinine.

    I shouldn't be able to line of sight my own buff when trying to kite away from enemies. Also asinine.

    I shouldn't have to wait 3 seconds to receive a buff (that I can't even cast outside of combat). Utterly ridiculous.

    It's not even a particularly strong buff - having that many different downsides to the skill is ridiculous.
    Edited by CameraBeardThePirate on March 21, 2024 5:56PM
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