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Guild MotD broken since U41

I am GM of Divine Design Alliance.

Since U41 our Message of the Day has displayed as empty, to all members including myself.

We can see other guilds MotD just fine. Only DDA is blank, and it was not blank prior to Update 41.

I've tried to edit our MotD. The edit button works in that it allows me access into the chat window, and a mouse curser displays. Yet nothing appears when I type.
The Guild Background Info appears just fine, and I am able to edit it.

I've tried turning off all addons, libs, etc., and rebooting. This had no effect.

Notice in picture that there should be 1504 characters used (would be correct normally), yet the message is blank.

Anyone else having this issue, and a work-around?

@ZOS_Kevin ?yqjefjg0pe7v.png

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